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podium of takens

podium :jaja:
takens :)

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Hint: Method Money
One easy way to earn money is to increase mining and crafting. Once you're able to create items, sell them for easy cash.
Submitted by pjscooter89
Hint: Scife
To get a scife in Runescape you must go to Varrock. Go to the place with a bunch of logs. Get your magic high enough to use weaken. Use weaken on the log pile. A level 22 Tree Spirit will appear. If you kill it it will drop a scife and nature runes.
Submitted by Tommy Daniels
Hint: Colored Text
In RuneScape Classic, if you enter text like this: @red@, then press enter, the next text you enter will be red. You can also do this with other colors, by just putting in the first 3 letters of the word, like blue would be @blu@.
Submitted by Chickenmaster
Hint: Easy Money and Experience
Complete rune mysteries quest in either free server or member server.
After that you have the ability to go to the rune essence mine so get a pickaxe.
Go to rune essence mine, the Varrock Rune Shop has a bank nearby.
Mine essence till full.
Go to portal.
Go to bank deposit essence.
You now have enough essence to sell them 10K= 500 RUNE ESSNECE, 20K= 1K Rune Essence, 30K= 1.5K Rune Essence.
Submitted by Pyromecha
Hint: Easy Money
At Port Salim and ask the men in blue to take a ship to Karamja. Then go to the first house you see on the right. Talk to the man in black clothes. He will ask you to do a job. Get 10 bananas and put them in the crate to get 30gp. Keep doing this to get a lot of money.
Submitted by mining pur
Hint: Text Lists
Runescape 1
@red@: red text
@blu@: blue text
@gre@: green text
@whi@: white text
@cya@: cyan text
@ran@: rainbow text
Submitted by - Tommy Daniels

Runescape 2
red:(then words)
Submitted by - onslaught66

Ok, first of all, there is no such thing as type in the first 3 letters of the colored text, Don 't listen to them. The only colors available are actually listed below:
yellow: ( regular text )

Fancy titles:

I Know this for sure, but i'm not sure that is all the fancy titles there are in runescape

Submitted by - orientalhungertyial

Hint - Satan Oracle Amor
You need to have a good weapon, addy or better is recommended. Next, go to Al-Kharid and kill 10 men. The last one should drop a red clue scroll. It is titled "Satan Scroll" or "The Scroll of Satan".

Now you need to read it. It is in a code, but here is the broken code: Go to the graveyard of the cursed souls, to seek what should not be found. Take a holy relic and kill a Demon of the Lesser kind. Take the remains and destroy three spirits, Scorpius Realm.

This means go to the Forgotten Graveyard and search in a coffin. You should find a Dictionary of Hell. Take this and a holy symbol and kill a lesser demon. Take its ashes and kill three ghosts. The last one should drop a Necklace of Hell.

Go to the bank and get LOTS of food! You will have to kill Level 235 Satan! Now, once youve done this, wear the Necklace. It should bring you to hell. You will need to kill three Level 100 Blood Demons. After this, Satan will appear. He can hit a max of 25 and a minimum of 15.

Once he is dead, he will drop the revered and impossibly rare "Satan Oracle Armor" set. Congrats! You just got the rarest armor in the game! It can be sold for upwards of 200M for each part of the armor. (Thats the gloves, boots, legs, body, helm, cape, ring, and shield.) Thats 1 billion 600 Million Gold Pieces!

Submitted by Triple Z (triathalon55)
Hint: Free Sword and Shield
Go to the shop in Lubridge. Outside, there are three people (a man and two women) all clothed in blue. Speak with the man and he'll hand over a sword and shield free of charge.

Submitted by jagexstaff158
Hint: Easy Money x3
Here are three steady ways to make money in Runescape in small but useful quantities:

Mine Iron Ore - Sell for 100gp each
Kill Hill Giants - Sell their bones for 300gp each
Mine Coal and Iron - Sell the result steel bars for 50gp
Submitted by Mr. Miner834
Submit Your Own Cheat for RuneScape

Bas dit zijn de codes voor runescape
Cheat Codes
To enter cheats, you must first enable Cheat Mode. (Press [Enter] and type "CORWIN OF AMBER" before pressing [Enter] again.) To activate a cheat, press [Enter] and type its corresponding code before pressing [Enter] again.

Cheat Code
10,000 gold (and 5,000 lumber) POT OF GOLD
All wizard spells EYE OF NEWT
Defeat screen* YOURS TRULY
Display cheat menu SHOW MENU
Final campaign sequence IDES OF MARCH
Increase production CHRONOS
Increase production (of trains) HURRY UP GUYS
Level select (human)** HUMAN <1-12>
Level select (orc)** ORC <1-12>
Invincibility* THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE
Victory screen* YOURS TRULY
* 1P game only
** Enter a value within given parameters.
dit zijn de codes voor world at war kraft
Cheat Codes
While playing, press ENTER and type any of the phrases below to activate the desired cheat codes.

Code Effect
Pot of Gold adds 10000 gold and 5000 lumber
Eye of Newt updates magic-users with all spells!
Sally Shears reveals entire map
Iron Forge update all technology instantly!
Hurry up Guys speeds building of units and buildings
Note: You can save time by entering the first word of the desired code instead of the entire phrase. These codes are for the commercial version of WarCraft.

Faster Game
Maximum speed isn't fast enough for you? For a quicker game, type CHRONUS, then press + to speed up development.
Submitted by
One-player Codes
The following are used in only single-player games. Before using these, enter the code "Corwin of Amber".

Code Effect
there can be only one all units are invincible
yours truly takes you to victory sequence
crushing defeat takes you to loss sequence
ides of march takes you to final sequence in current campaign
orc# Warp to level # of the orc campaign
human# Warp to level # of the human campaign
Note: Apparently you can save time by entering the first word of the desired code instead of the entire phrase. These codes are for the commercial version of WarCraft.

Submitted by Steve Howard ( and others

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