X-Treme Fetish

500 × 500 · organisatie
Secret Underground
2 april 2019
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Line-up X-Treme Fetish

1Main Area The Cave
techno, house, hard techno, pop
house, disco
house, trance
house, trance
Indonesië Nederland house, techno
2Lounge Area
house, trance
disco, house, afro
house, techno, urban, hard techno


The Only Fetish Party Without Restrictions
All-In Concept includes drinks, fingerfood, parking, XL Lockers (€10 cash deposit get back when you leave)
PartyPlayers Lelystad ★ ★ ★ 20:00 tot 04:00 uur
This swingers lifestyle club will transform into a sexually fetish experience.
We will do everything we can to create this tension in our unique dark location, to explore all your fetish fantasies.
Sexy uplifting solid techno music, provided by our DJ performers, who are familiar with the erotic / fetish scene.
Fetish shows were also thought of, without taking the flow out of the party, but even strengthening the entire sexual experience.
If you are full of this sexual experience, then you can go one step further, to the specially equipped multiple playrooms, darkrooms, slings and whirlpools, to make your wildest fantasies come true. After all the effort you can retire to the stylish lounge Area.
MAIN AREA ★ The Cave
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