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9Facebookbezoekers @ 4 september 2020
56Facebookgeïnteresseerd @ 4 september 2020
Like everybody, we’ve LOST CONTROL. In this very first Kapitaal x SoHaSo x Marguerita Recordings team up, we’re celebrating the debut record of Utrechts finest acid house dj Freek Fabricius.

It's hard to believe that Lost My Controller actually is Fabricius' debut EP. So matured and full of character do the six tracks on this release sound. With a touch of vintage electro and the melancholic side of IDM, yet with a unique sound of its own. Freek's EP is a joint release between SoHaSo and Marguerita Recordings. They couldn't have wished for a better debut record.

We’ve all LOST CONTROL Do we need a guide or do we let go completely?

Make your reservation for 1 of the 3 time slots and be prepared to get lost at Kapitaal.
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