Line-up Melted Onesie Party

Verenigde Staten house, dubstep, urban
Schotland hardcore, hardstyle
Verenigde Staten house, urban
Verenigde Staten house, dubstep
9Facebookbezoekers @ 18 september 2020
20Facebookgeïnteresseerd @ 18 september 2020
The Mercury's only monthly onesie party!
Love electronic dance music, but can't stand the typical crowd at raves or other clubs? Then come out and get your face melted! We play a mix of genres ranging from hard Techno, hard trance, heavy dubstep, hardstyle, generally leaning in favor of bass heavy grooves and tracks that don't suck.
Dafuqusay - as another SFUF artist we've invited Dafuqusay to bring his high energy, hip-shaking, and genre-bending mixes to the dancefloor. Jumping from house to dubstep to bass house you won't be able to stop yourself from bobbing your head or cuttin shapes...
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