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afbeelding Hed Kandi
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Line-up Hedkandi

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After a slight technical hiccup on July 19th the Virtual Sessions have landed !!!!

Hedkandi presents a summer of Virtual sessions from the UK & Ibiza. Join us for 4 hours of true Kandi entertainment each and every Sunday broadcast on Facebook Live & Reelhouse TV

Sunday 26th July : Beachstar Ibiza

Sunday 02nd August : Paradiso Ibiza

Sunday 09th August : Santos Ibiza

Log onto Reelhouse.TV for an uninterrupted stream in HD

Raising Money For Our Artists & Charity

A donation of just £5 contributes towards 2 live events & over 14 hours of entertainment. It will ensure over 20 contributors will get paid and we can donate to a couple of charities as well !
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