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Griekenland Verenigde Staten techno, house
Uruguay house, techno
Verenigde Staten techno, house
Verenigde Staten house, techno
Servië techno, house
Verenigde Staten techno, house
Verenigde Staten house
Welcome to the Mioli Music Global Festival! Our first of a series of events we're bringing you to keep our beloved dance community connected, inspired and alive <3

We miss our dance parties so much!

The smiles, hugs, high fives, dance circles, wild vibes, laughter, togetherness, all in addition to connecting our community with incredibly talented artists locally & Internationally.

Even though we can't be together in person (for now)- we definitely can come together creatively this upcoming weekend and for a cause that needs vital attention.

Please join us this Saturday for a Summer Solstice celebration!
Congregating virtually as we bring artists together from around the globe to perform, share music and raise awareness.
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