Line-up United We Stream

Live: Zweden urban
Zang: Zweden urban
Zang: Zweden urban
Live: Zweden
Live: Zweden rock/metal
Zweden house, techno
Zweden techno
Zweden house, techno
Zweden Duitsland house, techno
Percussie: Turkije Zweden
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Corona pandemic has hit hard on Stockholm's nightlife. Many clubs have closed since the beginning of March and the need for support is great. Now we must together ensure that there is a night life left when the pandemic is over. The initiator of the project is the Night Council with Jakob Grandin, who among other things runs the Gather Festival and the Garden in Stockholm and Johanna Beckman creative director at the Garden.

Sweden is the first country in the world to showcase eight magical locations through the United We Stream in 24 hours that perfectly represent Stockholm's nightlife diversity and expression.

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