Pieter Gabriel

flyer Pieter Gabriel
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locatie: Doloris Site

Line-up Pieter Gabriel

Nederland trance, house
13Facebookbezoekers @ 5 juni 2020
200Facebookgeïnteresseerd @ 5 juni 2020
Young EDM sensation Pieter Gabriel is making his contribution to the lockdown related performances. But for his turn he’s intending to take it to another level, literally. He has scaled to the top of the Doloris rooftop bar in Tilburg, to bring you a special selection of the wildest tunes, delivered in true Pieter Gabriel fashion! So turn up the volume and get yourself amped up for this one of a kind spectacle. This DJ does his own stunts!

👉🏼Tune in LIVE on YouTube on June 5th at 5pm CET to enjoy the premiere alongside your friends and Pieter himself. Or rewatch the entire recording for as many times as you want, right after the premiere."

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