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18:00 - 01:00:  Verenigd Koninkrijk house
21Facebookbezoekers @ 3 juni 2020
There are certain times where you are too sad and disgusted to know what to say at all. It’s been quite hard to grasp the reality in which we’re living.

Recently (and understandably) all of our attention has been on Covid-19. However, the murder of George Floyd has magnified to us all the blindingly apparent systemic and institutional racism we see every day in the USA, UK and around the world. It is utterly heartbreaking, and yet — worst of all — unsurprising.

We simply can't allow for another generation of hate.

Multiculturalism has changed the face of our world. I personally owe my whole livelihood to dance music, the origins of which are deeply rooted in black culture.
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