Line-up Studio Shelter × Ignition

Duitsland drum & bass, dubstep
Nederland dubstep
Duitsland dubstep
Nederland drum & bass, dubstep
Nederland drum & bass, dubstep
Nederland dubstep
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While a deadly pandemic wreaks havoc on the world, the event industry is not spared. Uncertain when we can all finally throw down together again, concessions must be made and plans are hard to make. In the meanwhile we too will resort to the virtual realm to provide the raver at home with a much-needed dose of bass!

This Saturday we’ll be live streaming from Studio Shelter’s amazing setup with a killer line-up! One of our all-time favourites Code: Pandorum has blessed us not only with his presence but with an amazing exclusive album release stream. In celebration of the release of his album ‘Art Of The Devil’, he will be tearing down the virtual venue and showcasing his deadly arsenal.
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