Line-up S.A.S.H Sundays

Australië house, techno, drum & bass
Verenigd Koninkrijk house, techno
15Facebookbezoekers @ 26 mei 2020
21Facebookgeïnteresseerd @ 26 mei 2020
Bubbling up from the UK underground, Rowlanz has built a name for himself with a signature driving, dreamy and minimalistic house vibe. Talented, dedicated and motivated, we have gladly watched him gain the recognition he deserves over the past couple of years.

Our favourite magic carpet captains Persian Rug and one of our favourite geezer's Josh Haiez.

Persian Rug
Josh Haiez★sorry.ain't.seen.him
sorry.about.saturday.honey★★ stay.home.and.sanitise
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