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22Facebookbezoekers @ 10 april 2020
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Well, looks like we're going to be here for a bit, and I don't know about you, but I'm yearning to talk about something other than the C-word. Last month we had our first LIVE streamed Manifest: Animation Show & Tell, and it was pretty fun, so let's do it again!

Check back here for the streaming link, but mark your calendars, so you remember to tune in. The event will start at 20:00 CET sharp, which means 2PM EST or 11AM PST.

We will either be on YouTube Live or FB live or Zoom or a combination of two of these - still fine tuning the tech. You will be able to participate by adding comments or calling in, as three pre-selected 'show & tell-ers' share an animated clip that they find interesting or inspiring. Bring your own booze!
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