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Line-up PRSPCT

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Nederland drum & bass, hardcore
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PRSPCT XL30 January 16Th 2020 at Maassilo, Rotterdam!

Saturday January 16th we will be back at the Maassilo Rotterdam to celebrate a milestone in PRSPCT history. PRSPCT XL's Dirty 30!

It's been a wild ride so far but we are far from done. We live for this sh*^* and we know you PRSPCT raving crew do too!

To celebrate this extra special event you can bet your life we will go full on balls out, above and beyond to the edge of the universe and back to bring all of you dedicated ravers the ultimate rave known to man.

Block the date and make sure to take some days off work after. Trust us. Even the most die hard raver will need to recover from this one.

More info on, times, pre sale etc. etc. real soon!!
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