flyer ZeeZout at the Beach
georganiseerd door Site
Woodstock 69 (strand)
op de kaart Site
Zeeweg 94, tent 7 (BL10)
Bloemendaal aan zee

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1100Facebookbezoekers @ 5 juli 2019
2200Facebookgeïnteresseerd @ 5 juli 2019
3489Facebookuitnodigingen + geïnteresseerd + bezoekers @ 27 juli 2020
Dear friends,

After accidentally deleting the event here on Facebook, we tried to recover the original event but it was not possible unfortunately.

We decided to re-create the event in order to keep you all updated and and relieve you from any doubts. Our beach extravaganza will of course happen!

Please note that the tickets are already sold out. If you want to get a ticket 'second hand', make sure to use trustable sources like

We are already counting the days till July 7th!
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