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Line-up Kosmos × Disco Merasa × Moan Recordings

Live: house
Italië techno, house
house, techno
techno, house
house, techno
techno, house
Oekraïne techno, house
house, techno, drum & bass
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Kosmos - a celebration of the universe.

Kosmos is all that is around us. Kosmos is known as the universe and it represents the infinity of time, space and life. Its' definition is a complete, orderly & harmonious system. Our Kosmos is the particular spacetime continuum we live our daily lives in. It is ever expanding and impossible to wrap your mind around.

On the 27th of April, we're celebrating Kingsday in full effect. Kosmos is coming in hot together with our friends from Disco Merasa and the Italian-based Moan Recordings.
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