Disco Jungle

Disco Jungle

Disco Jungle (flyer)
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Every 2nd Saturday of the month the famous, deliciously sleazy Disco Jungle. Go back in time with beats from the 70's, 80’s & 90’s all wrapped in new coating.

Come and get sleazy and back to basic nastiness and redefine jungle fever. Be prepared to enter a forest setting, and let yourself go like wild animals and have your inner Tarzan meet Jake.

If you want to join in fetish gear, jungle wear, casual or just want to show off bare skinned, all dress codes are welcome. For those who dare to come in themed outfits we have special surprises.

Hot and exotic beats will be provided by DJ Ramon Baron and get your juices flowing with our special jungle juice shots, get one for free if you come in your favorite Jungle Outfit.
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