10 Years Kick Da Bass

10 Years Kick Da Bass

10 Years Kick Da Bass (flyer)
georganiseerd door Kick Da Bass
Genres (schatting)
jump × 6, french tek × 5, freestyle × 4
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10 Years Anniversary with Mark With a K, DJ ghost, Pat B, Teka B, Mandy, Liberty and our great upcoming talents Provdox, Easy-C, New Generation, Beatworkz, RDC and Alesys!

Hosted by MC Illusions!

Ten years... time to celebrate!

Our 10 years anniversary will be a unique experience.... we dedicate this special night to the harder styles. Because we love them!

We are not only looking backwards on ten years of fun, friendship, great parties but we are also looking forward. That's why we invite some of the finist DJ's
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