Triple Schtampf

Triple Schtampf

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Dear Schtampfers,

Since 2012 Schtampf has been etched in our memories and we've been schtampfing ever since.
We organised one of the last parties at the legendary Minus One and Steeple and did our banging Drillogy concept at Petrol club.

In the beginning it was the plan to organise a birthday party but it became bigger, better and bolder. Above all this you will probably remember a Steegske partyconcept which happend between 2008 and 2012 (three years ago) at Christmas day evening.

Now it's time to colaborate with TRIPle Bday Bash and bring back the species from the underground. We're not only celebrating this return and the birth of baby Jesus, but also the 3th anniversary of Schtampf!
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