We Come One Festival

We Come One Festival

We Come One Festival (flyer)
georganiseerd door We Come One
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27.8·gemiddelde leeftijd
29.9·leeftijd mediaan
Re-run the fun! We Come One #3

Our last party was so popular many people couldn’t get in, so we’ve decided to re-load the event, inviting back the original artists and featuring a few extra names!

There will be live music and performances courtesy of: Umeme Afrorave and Instant Collective.

Local and international DJs will be playing across two rooms: dub, house, jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, jungle, techno, grime etc.

The party will take place in the Occii and features a donation only entry charge.

Collectives participating include: Another Bullshit Night From Cleveland • Bassculture Foundation • Do It Together • VERBAASD • Instant Collective • Plattegrond Collective • Piss&Laugh TV • Sub:terrein • Occ InIt • Raw42
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