Dead Deejays Society

afbeelding Dead Deejays Society


Our goal is to promote the romantic ideals, inspired by the underground music, and dedicated to global responsibility.

Life is good and that is why we celebrate it.

We celebrate our friendship, our love for music, our excitement for the night.

Together we realise our dreams of fulfillment and joy, thus We created this society so we can share it.
We aim to create moments of unity, listening together to the same beat.

Our inspiration is music.
Our muse is the human.
We ignore the borders and boxes.
We look for originality and personality.
Free and open minds.
We come together and push each other into being who we are destined to be.

We are the Dead Deejays Society.

Uitgaansagenda Dead Deejays Society

Laatste feest was op vrijdag 8 april 2016: Eudaemonia, Il Cavo, Maastricht