Ancient Future Now

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Something had happened. But our minds were too nebulized, our visions to blurry to remember what it was. When we stopped searching for our inner and outer selves in past tenses we eventually fully realized it was the future we had to sharpen our senses for. In the things that lay upon us, things that were bound to happen, we would find shelter. That universally necessitated shelter, which we could rely on, would give us possibilities to conquer unseen grounds to walk on. Only then we would find out it was not us envisioning this new land, but the land that envisioned us, that saw us firmly walking on its unspeakable grounds, allowing us to go wherever we could imagine ourselves to go to. We fly towards grace.

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Laatste feest was op zondag 8 december 2019: Palms, Gewölbe am Westbahnhof, Keulen