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Out now: Outart - “Sun Splash” (MHR052)

After the stunning success of Arado &­ Marco Faraone's "­Strange Neighbors"­ (MHR051), we just had to release another of Matthias Tanzmann's summer hits on Moon Harbour.­ "­Sun Splash"­ by Outart, the project of two Italian producers Fabio Lo Monaco and Andre Sirica, originally came out as a digital bonus on IANUS, the label of Circoloco residents System Of Survival.­ With an impulsive percussion groove and a striking brass sample, "­Sun Splash"­ quickly became one of the most played tracks in Matthias Tanzmann’s sets and one of the greatest hits at DC10/Ibiza this season.­ Licensing the track for a vinyl release on Moon Harbour was impossible to resist!

The EP is completed by three as yet unreleased tracks.­ „Steinburg“, „Carrot“, and the digital exclusive track „En Vedi“ are deeper and more low-key, showing off the two Italian’s multifaceted style but without forgetting the dance floor.­ A fantastic debut for Fabio Lo Monaco and Andre Sirica.­ Welcome to Moon Harbour!