Raw hardstyle dj Kenai about producing music: "unique, dark and orchestral"

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Raw hardstyle dj Kenai about producing music: "unique, dark and orchestral"
26 januari 2021
Matteo, also known as Kenai, has always been passionate about music. "When I was younger I played the drums at home and in a band." He says. Kenai started producing music when he was 16 years old. "One of my friends taught me and I played in clubs in Italy." In 2017 the Italian DJ discovered hardcore and raw hardstyle while partying at HardBass. From that day Kenai fell in love with the genre. In 2019 Kenai released his first official track on Upcoming records, "that was the beginning of it all." He says.

Besides producing music, Kenai works a part-time job. He spends his time at the office in the mornings, the rest of the day he is busy with music. "In Italy, the world of music is not the same as in The Netherlands. Music here is like a hobby and not a real job." Before 2021 Kenai was working in the office full-time. "I made this decision to make bigger steps." In his spare time, he likes to go to the gym or play his PlayStation. "So that I'm not in my studio all the time." He laughs.

Kenai describes his own sound as unique, dark and orchestral. The kicks the DJ produces are powerful, extra raw and rare. "I think my style is different." When we talk about role models in music, Kenai says he doesn't really have one. "This month I like a particular DJ and the other month I like some other DJ." His answer explains why his sound is so unique. "My real role model is my girlfriend." The DJ says. "The most important thing is that she actually doesn't listen to this kind of music, but she's always there to give me tips when I'm working on a project."

The Italian's favorite part of DJ'ing is showing the public what he is up to. "It's not only about releasing tracks. I think when playing, I can also show the tracks with my energy. I really hope to do that in the upcoming period."
Kenai will be the special guest at APEX night in December. Furthermore, you can find the talented DJ on stage at other upcoming events... "The upcoming plans are huge." Stay tuned!

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