Sneijder on his debut album 'Everything Changes'

Sneijder on his debut album 'Everything Changes'

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Sneijder on his debut album 'Everything Changes' (afbeelding)
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Sneijder is in korte tijd keihard gestegen en hij heeft nu zijn (debuut)album 'Everything Changes' uitgebracht: reden te meer om hem te ontmoeten en hem sowieso eens te vragen waarom de Ier zo'n Nederlandse naam als artiestennaam heeft gekozen...

Welcome and thanks for talking to Partyflock today! First, as it's an atypical one, we'd love to know how you decided on the artist name Sneijder?
The name comes from my frequent trips to Holland as a young DJ to buy hardcore records and my love for soccer, so the name bridges the gap between my two passions in life, music and soccer.

You've come a long way in a relatively short time, which is less usual in the hard-graft trance game. How did you get your start in it?
I have been a DJ for around twenty years, it wasn't until around five years ago that I got into production. I think my knowledge of the dance floor and as a DJ helped me progress in production quickly. I find a lot of producers can make music but it does not transpire to the dancefloor. If the music is not dance floor friendly it gets little DJ support and is forgotten about quickly. This is something that is essential these days for me. Dance floor oriented music wins everytime. I think thats key to progressing, your music music tick all the boxes!

And when did you first feel your production and DJ career start to gather some serious pace?
As I said above, I have been a DJ for twenty years and had no real interest in production until I realised I needed to make my own music to progress. So both my DJing and production have progressed at the same time as they work together I think. It's essential these days to have both these skills if you intend to go full time with your passion.

Ireland has a substantial history and scene for the trance genre. From a personal perspective, what part has your home country played in your success?
There has been so many massive artists that have came from Ireland. I am really proud of this, I am also proud to be part of the scene in Ireland as its a passionate one. I think the Irish are very hard working and driven people. This passion has seen so many great musicians rise from Ireland. We were all introduced to music through international DJ's so its great to be playing with names I once paid to see as a clubber as a young teenager.

Your debut album's called 'Everything Changes'. It sounds like a message in a title. Is that the case, and if so what's the significance of it?
Everything Changes means my journey in life basically so far, both as a musician and as a person. I have went through various genres of music to finally settle on my sound and along the way my career and life in general has taken many different paths.

How important do you see the album as an artistic device in 2015/16?
I have heard and read a lot of people saying albums are a thing of the past and have no relevance these days, I ask myself are these people capable of making an album?! its a massive task, one I am very proud of. For me it depends what you want from album, a marketing tool or whatever. For me personally as an artist it was a personal goal, a chance for me to express myself as a musician, make different genres of music, push myself out of my comfort zone. It was very much a personal thing, and thats why its takes pride of place framed on my studio wall.

What did you want to 'say' artistically with through the music on 'Everything Changes'?
I wanted to show people what I can do as a producer but more importantly give people an insight into Sneijder as a listener, as a clubber and a DJ/Producer. The album gave me the flexibility to do this and I am proud and happy with the final product.

Relatively speaking, there's quite a stylistic range on there. What would you term as the area's of trance covered by it?
It was never about trance specifically. It was about making music, music that I enjoy and hope that the people listening would enjoy too. To categorise it is not what I set out to do. There are trance tracks on there for sure but there are 2-3 tracks on there I just sat down and went with the flow, thats the beauty of making music.

Vocal tracks haven't been something that you've been particularly known for in the past. What prompted you down that road over the last year or so and into the release of 'Everything Changes'?
I am massive vocal fan, I have remixed and produced vocals since I started. I enjoy the challenge of finding that balance between a producer and a vocalist and ending up with something special. It takes hard work and a good ear to achieve this in my opinion.

Tell us a little about the production collaborations you have on there. How did you choose the people to work with on it?
I choose to work with a mixture of established producers and some new talent. The main thing for me was that the music was good, not the name on the track. Each collab has its place on there and turned out as a great piece of music, this is the most important thing.

Thanks for talking to us today and the best of luck with the release of the album!

Thank you!

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ik wist niet dat hij ook muziek produceerde naast het voetballen
Werkzaam bij Partyflock

Uitspraak van toerist op donderdag 17 december 2015 om 16:51:
ik wist niet dat hij ook muziek produceerde naast het voetballen

Als Wesley Sneijder net zo gaat voetballen als 'Sneijder' platen gaat produceren, dan komt het wel goed met hem ;-)

Uitspraak van Eldorado op vrijdag 18 december 2015 om 10:30:
Als Wesley Sneijder net zo gaat voetballen als 'Sneijder' platen gaat produceren, dan komt het wel goed met hem ;-)

Met het produceren is niks mee in mijn eerste indruk. Alleen vind zijn style niet echt spannend ofzo. Beetje slappe hap. Maar dat is natuurlijk mijn mening
laatste aanpassing
Paar keer horen draaien, echt heel erg goed :D