Da Mouth of Madness: Old Dog, New Trixx


Da Mouth of Madness: Old Dog, New Trixx

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The Hardcore scene today is what it has become thanks to so many amazing people, one of those people is Sietse van Daalen - one of the most prominent Hardcore MC's of our time. 'Da Mouth of Madness', as we've come to know him, decided that it was time to take on a new and exhilarating challenge - to make the ultimate album, with the help of his beloved colleagues from all sides of Hardcore. We've sat him down, to talk about this brand new project and his successful career as an MC.

Sietse, what was it that made you decide to embark on the journey of creating your brand new album, 'Old Dog, New Trixx'?
After 20 years of being the assistant to many DJ's, producers and live acts, I just wanted to see if I could do it, and see if I could make it on my own knowing that I am not a producer. I wanted to create something from an MC's perspective because I think that MC's might have a different opinion about how to fill vocals in on a track. Most of us have a Hip-Hop background, and for me, it was the challenge to put some of myself into it.

This album has an extensive amount of variety. You might even say it covers all Hardcore spectrums, do you feel that diversity is the key to sustainability in our ever-changing scene?
I believe it is. The whole debate about Mainstream and Up-tempo has passed me by. At the end of the day (doesn't matter if we're talking about mainstream, crossbreed, frenchcore, early rave, terror and maybe even rawstyle) we are all related. Related because of the fact that in one way or another we are addicted to the harder styles of rave. This is what, in my opinion, makes Angerfist the best DJ and producer of this era. Even though he's known as a harder Mainstream artist, he is not afraid to collaborate now and then with producers who represent a completely different style. Why? Because he doesn't necessarily listen to any one style, he just know a good track when he hears it. People respect that and love him for it.

[dump left id=10806]There are 16 unbelievable tracks on this album, could you highlight a few of them for us? Tell us about their significance to you.
Honestly I feel good about all of the tracks. I like 'A Brand New Era' with Sei2ure because he made me rap, I like 'Opinions' with Darkcontroller & Mechanical Animal because it has a message about the industry, 'Look When You Shoot' with Partyraiser was a great hit, 'Grinfucked' with F. NøIzE & Necrosystem because of the aggression and I like BYMOA with Dr. Peacock & Repix because it's a track with very positive energy. Also, I did a collaboration with Chem D, The Mastery and Rob Gee, and hell, who doesn't wanna work with Rob Gee?! I made a track with Hard Essence called 'Veteran' which really reminds me of those Oldskool bragging and boasting raps from the late 80s with a lot of humor in it. I could mention positive things about all tracks - Physical Damage, Luxxer, X-Mind or Godfather pt.III, all play an important role in this album, without one of these tracks my album wouldn't be complete.

Your track with Dr. Peacock & Repix is called 'BYMOA', what does that stand for?
Blow Your Mind Once Again

What is it, after all of these years, that keeps you so dedicated and passionate about your career?
The music and our loyal crowd.

We've been informed that you have now departed as a member of 'The Dreamteam', can you tell us why you chose to leave?
The Reason that I'm no longer a part of 'The Dreamteam' is that I have my own vision, and that clashes with theirs. I decided to go down my own path, without any grudges.

In the late 90's, you were the anchorman for the beloved 'TMF Hakkuh'. Can you tell us what it was like hosting the show, and what sort of influence this show had on the scene?
I don't think that much, it was mostly fun and nowadays people get nostalgic when they see the old footage. Until this day, it's one of the most viewed music shows on TMF. That still makes me a little proud.

Your hardcore 'resume' is not only extensive, but highly impressive. Out of all of the things that you have experienced throughout your 20 year career in this genre, what has been your proudest moment?
There are many moments but officiously 'Thunderdome '96' is one of them, just like 'The Love Parade' in Berlin - that was very special too. I'm also very proud of what we've been trying to build with these days!

That laugh that us party goers have always heard echoing throughout the venues over the years, the one we have all come to know and love, where did it originate from? How did your laugh become your 'signature' thing?
I really don't know where it was coming from. It was a response that I had when a track went towards a certain direction, right before they dropped the kick. Somewhere along the line, it became some kind of signature for the people hahaha.

With your extensive history alongside the 'Thunderdome' name, you must be elated to see the creation of 'Thunderdome Die Hard Day' on december 5th, 2015 at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. Can you tell us more about how this event came to be, and your involvement in it?
It's going to be awesome. There's a marketplace for the diehard collectors, this guy Sven from Belgium is doing an exposition with all of his Thunderdome items, there are panels with Thunderdome legends and let's not forget the release of my CD, and I have the opportunity to do a album showcase.

There is no question that you will be a beloved member of the hardcore community for all of eternity as you are absolutely going down in the history books, but will hardcore always be your life? Is there more in store for 'Da Mouth of Madness'?
I'm getting older and there are some great MC's who will eventually take over. That's how it works and I don't have a problem with that at all, but that doesn't mean you've heard the last of me yet. As long as I live, there will be hardcore in my life. It's simply who I am.

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Dit interview gaat natuurlijk nergens over. Alsof een dikke fan de vragen stelt. Gadverdamme.

Doodzonde want ik denk dat hij dit niet nodig heeft en juist wel de persoonlijkheid & gedachten heeft om iets boeiends te vertellen :D
Werkzaam bij La Bomba
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en waarom in het Engels???
Gewoon in het nederlands doen..­nu lees ik het niet
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Gewoon in het nederlands doen..­nu lees ik het niet

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en waarom in het Engels???

Dame die me geinterviewd heeft is engelstalig ;)

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de hamvraag: waar zijn je dreadlocks gebleven?

hahahaha ik ben echt kaal geworden, er groeit niks meer ;)

Uitspraak van Love is the answer op dinsdag 8 december 2015 om 12:59:
Doodzonde want ik denk dat hij dit niet nodig heeft en juist wel de persoonlijkheid & gedachten heeft om iets boeiends te vertellen :D

Dank u :)
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