Gary Beck: 'Miserable but soulful Glasgow inspires me'

Gary Beck: 'Miserable but soulful Glasgow inspires me'

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Gary Beck: 'Miserable but soulful Glasgow inspires me' (afbeelding)
ArtiestGary Beck
8 Februari is Gary Beck na drie maanden weer een keer in Nederland te bewonderen en wel tijdens Junction in de WesterUnie. Partyflock kreeg de kans om hem kort wat vragen voor te leggen.

Could you tell us something about where you're from and in what way that still has influence on your music today?
I come from Glasgow and I've lived here for most of my life. It's a very industrial city.
The weather is often miserable however I love being in this environment. It's a soulful city and I feel this has inspired me in my path to being a producer.

Your bio reads: 'Gary Beck is regarded as one of the most prolific and inventive producers in the current electronic music scene.' How did you roll into this scene and when or what was your first encounter with techno?
My first encounter of techno was when I first visited The Arches in Glasgow. They had everyone from Digweed to Cox to Mills playing there. After my first night I was instantly hooked on the sound and environment. Soon after, I decided to try and create this kind of sound so I bought some hardware and went to work.

What was the key-moment from which you decided to start contributing to the electronic music scene? What triggered you to start doing it yourself?
The Arches really inspired me to start producing. I would see the crowd reaction and the amazing sounds coming from the DJ. I realised this is what I want to be and worked hard every day to make it possible.

You've recently released your debut album "Bring A Friend" on Slam's Soma Records. Where did you get your Inspiration from for this project and could you tell us a something about the story behind it?
It was a real honour to release the 100th album on Soma as I grew up with the label in Glasgow. I wanted to make an album which showcased all my styles of producing. I was spending my time working on singles and remixes so I decided the time was right to do something different. Soma was the only label I wanted to do it on. The album took almost a year to piece together, I didn't really go in with a concept, I just wanted to showcase my other sounds all in one CD.

The album features some fairly experimental tracks like "D51" and "Little Moon". Is this something we can expect more from you in the future?
Absolutely. You have no idea how much of this stuff I produce on the side. I love being experimental and I hope to showcase more of this in the future. The key with this sound is to be different, while keeping the Gary Beck sound flowing throughout it.

Of course you're also running your own label BEK Audio, could you tell us something about the vision behind it? What criteria does a BEK Audio release need to meet?
BEK Audio is going really strong at the moment. The label is predominantly a techno label however I will consider all types of music, as long as its good! We just released a record by Glasgow legends Slam and next up we have one of my favourite producers Mark Broom, with a fantastic 4 track EP. I will be next with a remix of DJ Rush followed by a 3 track EP.

That said, what can we still expect from your label in the future and which release is your personal favourite?
Lots more great techno for the future from the likes of myself, Mark Broom & Ben Sims. I don't have a personal favourite, I love everything that goes on my label.

You've gained massive support from some of the biggest names in the scene, already early on in your career. Which upcoming talents get your support now?
There are a lot of fantastic talents however there are a couple of guys in particular that stand out for me. The name is 'Clouds' and they come from Perth in Scotland. They rose to fame on Tiga's 'Turbo' imprint. Their tracks are fresh, energetic and really fucking interesting. This is exactly what I'm after in my sets and their tracks work all the time. I can't wait to hear more from them.

What was the last time that you can recall that you were impressed by another artist and what are some of your idols today?
Clouds have really impressed me. I'm lucky to have played with most of my idols, and they always impress me still to this day. It just shows the dedication they have to always put on a good show. Guys that spring to mind are Jeff Mills and Laurent Garnier.

To wrap things up: the 8th of february you're playing Junction in the WesterUnie, Amsterdam alongside Pär Grindvik, What can the crowd expect from you there?
Energetic Crazyness!

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