The Dark Knight named KhoMha


The Dark Knight named KhoMha

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The Dark Knight named KhoMha (afbeelding)
LabelArmada Music
De protégé van Markus Schulz heeft recentelijk zijn compilatie album 'Coldharbour presents KhoMha' uitgebracht en dat is reden voor een feestje. We hebben hem al voorbij zien komen op de diverse compilaties van Markus Schulz, maar we hebben hem nog nooit in Nederland gezien. Daar gaat verandering in komen, want KhoMha komt in Nederland draaien op A State Of Trance 600. Des te meer reden voor Partyflock om dit supertalent aan een vragenvuur te onderwerpen

Hi, first of all congrats on your new compilation. How are you feeling?
Great! I'm really happy, because another goal is accomplished.

For the people that don't know who you are, could please tell a bit more about yourself?
Music producer of a new and fresh sound coming from Medellin, Colombia. My tracks are a mix between progressive, trance, house and techno and I'm a big bass line lover.

How did you first discover music? Can you tell us how did your career evolved until now?
I have always been an energetic person and a music lover. When I was ten years old my sister put her first electronic music cd on and I felt this good energy inside me, so I started dancing. After that I began to search more of this beautiful music.

How did Markus Schulz discover you?
The first track that I sent to Coldharbour was 'Rainy in the Night', and Markus loved it. From that point any track that I would send him, he would play, which was fantastic. Then he asked me if was interested in working with him and ever since my career changed

Can you give us an impression of the dance scene in Colombia?
The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene is in a growth process right now, it is getting bigger. The people now know about upcoming artists and not just the big names. That's great because the people are getting more into the EDM culture.

Lets talk about your compilation 'Coldharbour presents KhoMha.' Can you tell us more about how the tracks came together? Was it difficult to select tracks for the compilation?
I really wanted to be sure of choosing tracks that can describe my set style and taste in music. So there you will find everything from deep tracks at the beginning to the really powerful club bangers that finish the mix.

Are their any KhoMha exclusives on the compilation?
Yes! "The Origin", "Genesis", "Dusk Riddles" and "Vapor"

What is your favorite track of the compilation and why?
To be honest with you, all of them. All the tracks have their unique touch made by each artist and you will find something special in their sounds.

Musically you are of fire. Tracks like The Dark Knight and your remix of Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know'. Speaking of the last one, is it going to be released?
Well, I made that remix because I used to love the original one, and I did it only for my live sets.

What are your top five tracks of the moment?

1.Ørjan Nilsen - Filthy Fandango
2.KhoMha - Dusk Riddles
3.W&W - Lift Off
4.KhoMha - Vapor
5.KhoMha - Deja vu

The year 2012 is coming to an end. What were your highlights of this year?
This has been my best year so far. I just release my very first compilation "Coldharbour Pres. KhoMha", I made the #19 position in Trance Addict Top 100, #159 position in DJ Mag. I had my first Europe and USA appearance and I met people who are helping me in my career. I'm really happy with it.

What can we expect from KhoMha in 2013? An artist album?
This December 17 my Vapor E.P is coming out. Including "Vapor", "Dusk Riddles", "Genesis" and Deja vu. Now in 2013 I'll be playing at Transmission in Prague and the huge A State Of Trance 600 in Den Bosch. And well, maybe there will be the album.

Who would like to collaborate with in the future?
There are many great producers right now. But I would love to collaborate with Ørjan Nilsen or W&W, I identify myself with their sounds and I think that we could make great tracks together.

What do the next few months look like when it comes to DJ gigs? Any gigs you're particularly looking forward to?
Actually I'm looking forward to them all. This is the first time I'm playing all over the world like this. It's such a humbling experience that these people know of me and my music. I'm very excited to go and play in all these new places.

What is your new years resolution for 2013?
To keep going!

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