Self Multi-dimensional Healing Energy Alignment

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As has been explained in Sheldan Nidle's recent updates, we, the Starseeds, and the rest of Earth's population, have been aligned energetically through our multidimensional chakra system.­ However, due to Mother Earth's precarious situation as she labors to give birth to an ascending fourth-dimensional planet, the Galactic Federation scientists, the Angelic Hierarchies, the Elohim and Time Lords have had to prevent Mother Earth from birthing prematurely.­ To slow her down, they have used new energy grid patterns and a different time frequency hologram.­ The direct result is that our multidimensional chakra alignment was disrupted.­ Consequently, many starseeds experienced physical, emotional and mental blocks that have caused pain and discomfort.­ To help us to realign and facilitate the work of the Earth's Angelic realm, a self-healing technique was channeled through my healing guides.­ It is a simple method that anyone can do to help realign their energies.­
The following is the self-healing method, which you can do while seated anywhere:

Sit down.­ Slowly inhale and exhale three times and wait until you feel quiet inside.­ Then proceed to ask the Earth Angels of Mother Earth to help you realign your chakra energies.­

Put your right hand two inches below your navel (over an energy vortex) and open your left palm up over your left thigh.­ You will start to feel energy running through your right hand.­ Wait until you cannot feel the energy anymore, then remove your right hand, while keeping your left hand as is for the entire process.­

Move right hand two inches above the navel over another energy vortex and repeat above steps.­ Remove right hand.­

Place right hand over the energy vortex above heart.­ Repeat above steps.­ Remove right hand.­

Place right hand over throat, where another energy vortex exists.­ Repeat above steps.­

Place right hand over the energy vortex between eyebrows.­ Repeat above steps.­ Thank the Earth Angels for their help.­

You will experience a release of energy from every energy vortex (chakra) and, when you finish, you will feel clearer, lighter and more balanced.­ Repeat this simple self-healing exercise every time you feel any kind of discomfort.­

Love and light,

Bil El Masri
will try thx(y)
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Beta, alfa and delta waves (y)

Je kan ook met gelijde meditatie
naar bep hersengolf staten worden gebracht (y)

Zo is het mogenlijk om in staten van bewustzijn te komen
waar normaal alleen yogi's komen
die hun hele leven aan meditatie hebben gewijd :-)
gelijde meditatie.....­dat moet ik maar eens gaan opzoeken.­
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Heeft iemand een bittorrentje van die CD ofzo?

Ik hou niet van kopen. :)
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Dat schijnt niet te werken
aangezien de cd's werken
met ultra lage frequenties
die eraf worden geknipt
door programma's die bestanden comprimeren .­

Het programma draait ook veel om de support materials
die in je mail en brievenbus krijgt , en die je ook echt nodig zal hebben .­
For Healing Communities Using Chi Modulation
Remember that Chi, which can be seen as brilliant white light, welcomes good intentions. Chi is the ether, the force.

1. Breathe deeply 4 times, relax into your soul. Be at peace.

2. Pick your target- a Medicine Wheel, whether physical or existing only in your imagination, can function as a very nice capacitor, however most any target will do. Obviously targets full of bad energy are also good. Remember that the local devas are sick with the bad energy, and they are starving for your healing energy. If you have good intentions, you won't be able to make mistakes.

3. You could make or notice a VISUAL image. This might be healing energy, or brilliant light, or whatever visual image turns you on emotionally. If it's fun, you are doing it right.

4. You could make or listen for an AUDITORY sound. Angelic choirs, the sound of wind in the trees, a G Major chord, whatever sound feels healing to you.

5. You could feel, or make, a KINESTHETIC, or feeling, image. You could imagine what it feels like to be a little child, entranced with the wonder of the Universe. Consider times in your life when you felt on top of the world, when everything felt right, and in harmony. Feel those feelings again. Use some sort of marker, like perhaps putting your thumb and forefinger together, so that you can "trigger" these feelings at will.

6. You could add or notice an olfactory image, such as the smell of beautiful flowers. This might sound involved, looking at the printed text, but relax! Allowing healing energy to flow through you is the most natural thing in the world. Consider a time in your life when you really felt love flowing through your heart: there wasn't any effort involved, really. You are just "allowing" a flow. The energy already exists; all you have to do is give it focus. "Efforting" is a left brain activity. This method comes from the right brain, the 90% of capacity not normally used.

Consider your target. To start, you could just use the Kinesthetic, the Feeling, image. Feel and know that healing energy is flowing into your target. When it feels right, add another sense, perhaps the Visual, and later the Auditory. Practice as regularly as you can. People who do this regularly note that it sometimes will go on automatic, i.e. as soon as you express the intention, and sometimes even before, the energy just starts, as if an invisible hand turned on a hose. Just let this happen. It is natural. The FEELING is the most important of the 3 major senses. If you do nothing else, do that one, and you'll get the majority of the effect.
use this visualization for psychic protection:

visualize a red armor around your body

around the red armor a black robe going even under
your feet

around the black robe a mirror sphere where the
mirror is reflecting toward outside

between the black robe and the mirror sphere
visualize a violet light

and finally around the mirror sphere barb wire

not even trained government psychics can
penetrate this incredible protection !