Eppo Records Remix Contest May/June 2007

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To discover more good producers,
Eppo Records is going to do a remix contest of the track Exorcist by Dr. Eppo.
This is one of the first speedcore tracks by Dr. Eppo
and you will get the oppurtunity to remix it and show
us your skills!

The best remix(es) will be released on Eppo Records.
The contest starts 18/05/07 and will end on 10/06/2007.
All remixes must be send in before 23:00 on 10/06/2007 Dutch time (GMT+1)

On 11/06/2007 there will be a poll on the Eppo Records forum
where every registered member can vote for a remix.

-If you are going to compete, make a topic ->HERE<-,
so we can see how much competers there are.
-Deadline 10/06/2007 23:00 Dutch time (GMT+1)
-Style must be terror/speedcore
-Track must be 192kbps
-Voting starts 11/06/2007
-Best remix(es) will be released on Eppo Records.

Download sample package: Click here
Of course you can also include your own samples!

Good luck and Enjoy!
Eppo Records Crew
laatste aanpassing
hmmz who will win it :P
I heard good remixes so we will see ;)
nice gheghe newly borns
Listen the remixes and vote for the best in your opinion!
Remixes can be listened here: Dr.­ Eppo - Exorcist Remixes

Note: Poll doesn't show who won the contest, it just helps us selecting the winner!

You can vote on the Eppo Records website!
Vote for me!!!;P