GGMRAW 001 12" vinly out now !!!

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GGMRAW Records 001 is finally available in all good record shops, and some rubbish one's aswell !!

1 - Smurf featuring Tom Wilson - The Greatest Entertainers
An intro track featuring samples from WWE wrestling 'dont try this at home' info-message and samples from the late great Scottish radio &­ DJ legend Tom Wilson saying 'Geordie Gabba Mafia', this intro track to many a GGM DJ said has got crowds all around the world ready and eager to hear what happens within the next hour.­

2 - Smurf - Exposure King
The biggest terror/speedcore track in Holland of 2006 is eventually here ! Sampling British film 'The Full Monty' and the main trumpet riff from Man Parrish's 'Male Stripper'.­ This tune has been the most requested and popular track of Dutch hardcore party's in 2006.­ Also known to fans as 'The Trumpet Song' or 'The Full Monty'.­

3 - Rigamortis - Pillface
GGM's newest Superstar, Rigamortis, has his first vinyl release - Pillface.­ The Pac-man sampling pill munching anthem was a firm favourite on the CSR "­Welcome To Terrorland"­ CD/DVD from last year.­

4 - Mutante - Lick My Crack
Canada's Mutante wallops you with a tremendous kick drum onslaught sampling that rude lady licking track "­Lick My Crack".­ An awesome kick off tune !

5 - The Teknoist - Oldskool Metaliation
The UK's Teknoist up's the tempo and mashes up oldksool sounding guitar riffs and and James Brown 'Sex Machine' samples in another funcore track to make you smile !

Clips on http://www.­myspace.­com/smurfggm
Maybe i buy a copy for the Raw Side, i like that teknoist track.­