GGMRAW 001 12" vinly out now !!!

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GGMRAW Records 001 is finally available in all good record shops, and some rubbish one's aswell !!

1 - Smurf featuring Tom Wilson - The Greatest Entertainers
An intro track featuring samples from WWE wrestling 'dont try this at home' info-message and samples from the late great Scottish radio & DJ legend Tom Wilson saying 'Geordie Gabba Mafia', this intro track to many a GGM DJ said has got crowds all around the world ready and eager to hear what happens within the next hour.

2 - Smurf - Exposure King
The biggest terror/speedcore track in Holland of 2006 is eventually here ! Sampling British film 'The Full Monty' and the main trumpet riff from Man Parrish's 'Male Stripper'. This tune has been the most requested and popular track of Dutch hardcore party's in 2006. Also known to fans as 'The Trumpet Song' or 'The Full Monty'.

3 - Rigamortis - Pillface
GGM's newest Superstar, Rigamortis, has his first vinyl release - Pillface. The Pac-man sampling pill munching anthem was a firm favourite on the CSR "Welcome To Terrorland" CD/DVD from last year.

4 - Mutante - Lick My Crack
Canada's Mutante wallops you with a tremendous kick drum onslaught sampling that rude lady licking track "Lick My Crack". An awesome kick off tune !

5 - The Teknoist - Oldskool Metaliation
The UK's Teknoist up's the tempo and mashes up oldksool sounding guitar riffs and and James Brown 'Sex Machine' samples in another funcore track to make you smile !

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Maybe i buy a copy for the Raw Side, i like that teknoist track.