Depleted Uranium to be released in Fresno California!!!!

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Many of us already know what Depleted Uranium ["DU" - a highly radioactive byproduct of uranium enrichment, widely used in the Balkans & Iraq in both Gulf Wars] does to humans and the environment, and these diabolical maniacs are planning to do this to YOU!

"The $1.7 billion a year Department of Energy lab has sought to increase its outdoor test limits from the equivalent of 100 pounds of TNT to 350 pounds, and to increase its annual testing amount eight-fold to 8,000 pounds 'in support of homeland security and national defense activities,' according to the permit application."

Exploding DU results in extremely toxic, micron-sized radioactive ceramic dust that *will* fly over the entire continent in several weeks! It is carried on the air currents and will rain toxic radioactive contaminants down upon the food supply and vegetation and YOU. It CANNOT be cleaned up; it CANNOT be CONTAINED.

You will breathe, drink and eat it, it will be radioactive for the next 4.5 BILLION years!!! Your children and grandchildren will be HORRIBLY deformed - most of you will get multiple types of cancers at the same time, and on and on...


This will be your own holocaust, although quietly done by your own government while you sleep away, posting music videos, bulletins about saving cute homeless animals, your friend's friend list, etc..

Comment and Participate - BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

For the love of GOD, please, please take immediate ACTION!!! READ the article, BE THE PUBLIC INPUT necessary to stop this ABOMINATION!

I'm BEGGING each of you, whether you live in CA or not (call* and LIE like a BITCH, God will forgive you), just call and object!

* San Joaquin Valley APCD Contact info:

1990 E. Gettysburg
Fresno, CA 93726
APCO - Seyed Sadredin
Phone: (559) 230-6000
Fax: (559) 230-6061
RED ALERT- Lawrence Livermore Lab Applies for Permit to Blow Up 450lbs of Depleted Uranium in CA

Excerpt from article:

Proposed explosives tests upwind from Tracy will release as much as 450 pounds of radioactive depleted uranium dust into the air every year, according to an air pollution permit application filed Friday by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

The blasts will annually release other elements into the air, some of which will also be radioactive, the application reads.

A permit allowing the blasts was approved with no public scrutiny by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District in November, but was withdrawn after a community backlash.

Regulators in March instructed the weapons lab to reapply for the permit and to provide data that would allow it to analyze the health effects of radiation that would be released by the blasts.

The district does not normally regulate radioactive material, and it had not been informed by the lab that the blasts would be radioactive.

District spokeswoman Jaime Holt said Wednesday that air pollution controllers had begun to evaluate the lab's new permit application.

"We'll be looking to see the extent of their risk assessment, and if we need to conduct one ourselves, we will," Holt said.

Holt said there would be an "appropriate opportunity for public input" before the district approves or rejects the permit based on guidelines in the California Environmental Quality Act.

Many of the radioactive elements in the blasts already pollute the soil and water at Site 300, which along Corral Hollow Road is hidden in hills southwest of Tracy.

Hier draait mijn maag van om, het leven mag dan een illusie zijn.
Maar dit is zieke shit!!!
Wat erg :/ pffffffff
Harlekijn baby's... :(
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