Immortal Technique en andere politiek georieteerde artiesen

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Immortal technique is een rapper uit harlem die via zijn muziek mensen wakker te maken en te laten zien/horen wat er echt speelt in america. Ik zal hieronder een paar van zijn nummers posten met daarbij een "clip". Ben benieuwt wat jullie er van vinden.

Immortal Technique - The Cause of Death

Immortal Technique -- The Poverty of Philosophy

Immortal Technique - Bush Knocked Down the Towers

Immortal Technique - Bush Knocked Down the Towers remix

Ken je meer artiesten post ze hier.
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Land of confusion - Disturbed
cover van
Uitspraak van Infected Influence op woensdag 18 april 2007 om 23:25:
Phil Collins

Gave comic clip (y)
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De rappers opgezwolle schrijven ook teksten waarvan ik denk dat zij zich ook bezig houden met dergelijke onderwerpen.­
zij staan bekend om hun 'diepgaandere' teksten dan bijvoorbeeld ali b of schandelijke brace...­

iemand die dit ook herkend?
immortal technique rouleert heb een aantal albums van die dudes hier liggen! heerlijk luistervoer....­black helicopters lol
Uitspraak van Col-O op dinsdag 1 mei 2007 om 17:49:
iemand die dit ook herkend?

Vooral in gekkenhuis en electrostress. oudere nrs hebben het ook wel maar die 2 zijn behoorlijk duidelijk.

Uitspraak van SuburbanKnight op vrijdag 4 mei 2007 om 19:48:
immortal technique rouleert heb een aantal albums van die dudes hier liggen! heerlijk luistervoer....­black helicopters lol

Hij is echt goed ja. Heb rev vol1+2 en nog wat mixtapes van hem en friends. Heerlijk om naar te luisteren
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Uitspraak van - ruud op zaterdag 5 mei 2007 om 16:12:
oudere nrs

idd het is vooral die nieuwe nummers waarin je het hoort.

'de waarheid' van 'jawat' en omstreken is ook cker een hele goeie(Y)
ATR feat. Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) & Mc D-Stroy (The Arsonists) - Rage (WTO version)

Geen idee hoe dat embedded zooi werkt...gewoon kopieren en plakken volstaat blijkbaar niet...
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zet het woord: movie tussen [....]hier komt het adres hoe jij het net gepost hebt als url en dan weer[/....] vergeet de slash niet!

ATR feat. Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) & Mc D-Stroy (The Arsonists) - Rage (WTO version)

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Ah ok...moet dus nog een extra tag erbij...dat wist ik niet... :)
Thanx... (y)
Nog een keer voor de liefhebbers... O:)
De footage van die demo in Berlijn waar ATR aan het optreden is...waarvan je een paar stukjes ook terug ziet in dat vorige filmpje...

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Mijn favoriete track van ze...heerlijk om keihard op te zetten en keihard mee te bleren... B)

Ja...ik ken alle teksten van ze uit mijn kop... :bloos:

Beroerde clip (meneer vergeet soms hele stukken tekst te playbacken) maar dat is DHR ten top uit... :cheer:

If only technology keeps moving you forward
And you're not prepared for the future
You become a naive child...­left in an information overload unit!
What's holding us back is time...­


Meest wrede band ooit...
Carl Crack R.I.P. :(
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Nine tenths of the law than sic
Is possesion
Life expressed in matter is a blasphemy
Success defined by aquisition stinks!
So busy trying to make a living i forgot about living
Yes i do
So busy trying to make a living i forget about life

The best things i found in life were my birthright
Green fields mean more to me than a brand new car
Will you swap your hi-fi for a clear blue sky?
Will you cash in all your shares for Gods clean air?
Is your answer yes,or no,to these painful truths?
Is your answer yes,or no,to these painful truths?

Do you grovel to your master?
Do you beg like a dog?
First things first,repeat to yourself
AHHH MONEY!, Money is not our GOD!

The best things in life are free
I own the beach and the blazing sunset
I own the waves and the fresh air
I drink the milk of the stars in this beautiful moment
Say to yourself

Repeat after me!
Money's not our God

Do you grovel to your master?
Do you beg like a dog?
First things first,repeat to yourself
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taken bits and pieces fom dark city and unconstitutional with music by Phoenix Orion and a speech from William Cooper towards the end.
DR.Octagon a.k.a Kool Keith :lol: check z'n shit Bionic oldsmobile & the return of dr.octagon, for a copy contact me, i'll post em on rapidshare...
Public Enemy SON OF A BUSH censored music video

Altijd van P.Enemy gehouden!
Ik wou ook zo'n grote klok als ketting... :)
Thnx to Tyharo, deze mot erbij

Spiral Tribe. Thnx T.

Kweetni of het al op PF stond, geen idee dat het bestond tot ik het ondervond.
Zet 'm op, non stop till ya drop. Ik krijg die kolere beat niet uit me kop!
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Niet zo zeer politiek geöriënteerd
Maar wel my all time favourite:

Uitspraak van - ruud op vrijdag 13 april 2007 om 15:50:
Immortal Technique -- The Poverty of Philosophy

F#@king TRUE!!!

glad to be white trash!!! :)
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Damn! Ik ben er trots op!!! :cheer:

Huh... and I do NOT dye my hair blond! :lol:
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John Lennon - Gimme some truth...

en uiteraard....imagine....

Geen politieke band, maar wel een politiek getint nummer
van mijn favoriete band Oasis :)

Jeru the Damaja :respect:

Can't stop the prophet


Ya playin' Yaself

Ladies and gentlemen
Children of all ages
It's me Jeru the Damaja
And I'm here to present to you today
The bullshit
Yes this is the bullshit the extreme bullshit
The absolute bullshit
This is the bullshit of bullshit
This bullshit is so bullshit I NEVER wanna hear this bullshit
on the radio
Or in my children's ears cause it's bullshit
You know? So as we talk about the bullshit
and what bullshit is
I'ma drop the bullshit on you right now
You know, the bullshit goes like this

Jump up in my Rolls Royce, top choice
Make em holler, everything I do is for a dollar
Fuck being civilized, I got dollar signs in my eyes
One day I'll fall, but for now I'll rise
Trust me, as the stink stuff, fries up
I'm cookin up I used to spend the nights in spots run up
buck buck but now I'm all growed up and blowed up
And believe me, baby paw, I got it all sewed up
And the loot is in big bags and all stored up
And the niggaz I used to run with is all locked up
But, I'll keep bubblin, got em on the corners
like court jesters jugglin, avoid the late night mugging
Because stick up kids be bugging
I paid my dues so I'm on some exotic island
Smilin, sun shinin all off my diamonds
Sippin on martinis bad hookers in bikinis
A airplane load of exotic work from Tahiti
Plus a squad of killer bitches that all carry uzis
I got a lot so if it gets too hot
Jump in the billion dollar jet, or the million dollar yacht
Got the Teflon vest, in case they knock me out the box
Oh no, I think I hear gunshots...­

Huh huh ahh, huh, whew!
Damn, shit was just a dream, whew
Whoa damn
That's a scary motherfucking dream, that was bullshit!
I'd never say no bullshit like that, whoa!
Glad I don't live none of that bullshit
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Ain't the devil happy Jeru.....

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Jeru The Damaja - Scientifical Madness

SuperScientifical Madness
Scientifical Madness
My status is the baddest

There's a hole in the ozone layer
I'm rippin vampires
You think I give a fuck
Who's the biggest player
Or who's got the fattest bank roll
What is it if a man gains the world
And lose his own soul?
Bioengineered mutated chickens
Niggaz lickin' one another
Brother killin' brother
And you demon muthafuckas
Start coastal rivalries
The worlds greatest lust is jewelery
Mind Jah lick you with disease
So I inflict MC's like Ebola
Or some other man-made cancer
Fuck a two-hundred dollar sweater
We need to try and reach the niggaz
On the corner
But all we do is create drug dealers
Envy then creates murderers
Diamond rings, pretty hoes
Fat chains, expensive things
Just watch which way
Ya burner swings in this world of...

Chemical warfare
The telephoner acts like he lives here
The goverment is putting madd shit in the air
Projects are strategically set-up
In the case that shit you up
They easily blown up
Poisonous gases
The so-called righteous help for the masses
But it's them that judge their own asses
Knowing what thier task is
But still receding, ass backwards
Do you need to ask me who the devil is
Some may call it showbizz
I just call 'em hipocrites
'Cause they don't teach the children shit positive
Like how a man should live
They only focus on the negative
So they're stuck in the ghetto
While you drive a car and got a condo
It's all for the dolo
It's killing your own people
profits greater than (?Peneco?)
Forget about whats equal
In this world of...

Artifically inseminated
White bitches have babies most black youth are incarcerated
In the ghetto babies having babies but no loot
So most pregnancies are terminated
Warlocks keep the covernant
And the souls of the ignorant ones empower it
It's transparent
You see Uncle Sam as your parent
When Amerikkka has beef you jump up to defend it
But you can still be a defendant
Ask my co-defendant
And we're both innocent
Every black man in Amerikkka faces imprisonment
Ridicule, and torment
But in this tournament
The chosen few shall be triumphant
And the devil will be decapitated
So you can keep your (?duckets?)
And your (?dressing?), I wont be emasculated
In this world of...
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Thievery Corporation - Warning Shots

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Tons O Guns Lyrics
Artist: GangStarr
Album: Hard To Earn

Guru, Gangstarr's frontman

tons o' guns everybody's getting strapped
tons o' guns got to watch the way you act
tons o' guns real easy to get
tons o' guns bringing nothing but death
tons o' guns are in the streets nowadays
it's big money and you know crime pays
check your nearest overpopulated ghetto
they greet you with a pistol not trying to say hello
mad kids packed 'cos the neighbourhood's like that
want some shit that's fat catch a victim do a stick
kids pulling triggers, niggas killing niggaz
five-o they sit and wait and tally death-toll figures
it's crazy there ain't no time to really chill
jealous motherfuckers always want to act ill
22's 25's 44's 45's
mack elevens ak's taking mad lives
what the fuck you gonna do in a situation
it's like you need to have steel just to feel relaxation
tons o' guns
tons o' guns you got we got they got
the state of affairs yo it's like mad chaos
i know a kid who just passed the other day
they shot him sixteen times so there he lay
you can pray for this shit to like cease
but until then a nigga's going to pack a piece
and yo the devil's got assasination squads
want to kill niggaz 'cos they're scared of god
they got camps where they train they learn to take aim
at a nigga like a piece of game
and i'm not seeing that, them days are gone
'cos now we got [chromes] to put them where they belong
so me a rude boy from and in a brooklyn
fuck the bullshit pain and suffering
i'm coming off with a foolproof plan
as if each every lyric was worth a hundred grand
i stand in the face of hatred
letting off mad shots making devils run naked
tons o' guns
tons o' guns everybody's getting strapped
tons o' guns got to watch the way you act
tons o' guns real easy to get
tons o' guns bringing nothing but death
tons o' guns but i don't glorify
'cos more guns will come and much more will die
why, yo i don't know black
some motherfuckers just be living like that
they like to feel the chrome in their hands
the shit makes them feel like little big man
twelve years old catching wreck
'cos there ain't no supervision putting kids in check
people get wounded, others they perish
and what about the mother and the child she cherish
the city is wild up steps the wild child
tension anger living in danger
what the fuck you gonna do in a situation
it's like you need to have steel just to feel relaxation
tons o' guns
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Uitspraak van Love conquers all. op vrijdag 31 augustus 2007 om 17:41:
Gang Starr Full Clip dubbel cd

hier ligt bijna alles van JazzMatazz tot Full-clip,

oorspronkelijk komt het nummer van de CD; 'hard to earn' af is later samengevoegd in de verzamelaar 'Full clip' de beste shit van Gangstarr en DJ premier staat erop tenminste nog echte hip-hop...
Jep, klopt. en mee eens :9 Premo vind ik sowiezo de beste hip hop producent van de jaren 90, maar da's mijn mening O:)
Infected paddo :lief:

Het is zo ver! knettergek vet! Fijn, nee nie fo tog geen idee?! TWF? wordttt vervog. nee ga verder. watteffer heodano0k. Huh, oky@, nevrémint. helemaal on top op shyt midden in #@!?huergh%
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Ring of Fire: Rahim Samad feat. Super D

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Heavyweight Dub Champion - "Promised Land"

Check it! Relaxed, man!
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Blijven posten of deze topic IS Dead!

70ties (y)
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I Love the intro song!

But Remember! (Illuminati symbolism in PC games)
Agent 47=11 works for the masonic establishment(zwart wit pak=schaakbord).
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