About Technoboy

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Technoboy (Italy)

If you would compare the elements which have contributed to the success of hardstyle worldwide there is no escape from Technoboy.­ From 1992 until present this man has given more energy to that very style than god himself.­

As the labelmanager of the harder styles present at the Saifam Group this man is dedicated to the sound which will eventually be released.­ This was accomplished after many years of dj performances and numerous residencies throughout Italy’s premiere clubs.­ The birth of hardstyle in Holland gave way to the conquering of mayor events like Mysteryland, Q-Base, Decibel, Hardbass and Qlimax.­

While Holland was experiencing a Technoboy mania the rest of the world craved for attention giving way for performances in South Africa, Australia, Swiss, Canada and Poland.­ Meanwhile Technoboy compilations bearing his own name set new records in the global charts proving his international fame once more.­

As a dj he remains at the top, virtually untouchable.­ For he produces the sound on which hardstyle advances.­ This as a producer under many aliases.­ But don’t worry;­ you do not have to know them all.­

Just remember the name Technoboy when you think of hardstyle!