Beavis and butthead

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What do you think of the cartoon and the 2 karakters?
I think they are Fucking great ,love the dry humor in that cartoon!!

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hahahha its fucking funny i say !

its the best cartoon with southpark mate
:respect: Beavis & Butthead
yeah it's really funny eheheh I like it ..­ also south park is good but I prefere the charachter style of beavis and butthead
they are stupid!
(in a nice way:P)
prrrtttt more cuppuuchinoo bung bunghole
Uitspraak van Sanoicia op zaterdag 10 maart 2007 om 18:28:
prrrtttt more cuppuuchinoo bung bunghole

I love that episode haha
the great cornholio behind the microphone in this strange bar where people tell storys ghehe.
I think its great how they made that alterego of beavis everytime hé gets to much energie because of candy or cafeïne:D
I need TP for my banghole
beavis and butthead rulezzz !!! :-d
Surrender to my butthole B)

I like their laughes and their dry sence of humor, when is it on tv by the way?
I don't know man
was verry stupid of mtv to put them away :/
Uitspraak van Tim Sipkes op zondag 11 maart 2007 om 22:20:
when is it on tv by the way?

domt know but i just goth the dvd beavis and butthead collections 1:-p
haha lol when i was about 8 years old i had those funny games on my pc.­
You had to hit squirels with tennisballs and you had to spit on people's heads with the beavis and butthead characters.­
Uitspraak van [023] PimRitsel op dinsdag 13 maart 2007 om 22:13:
i like southpark way more then Beavis and butthead

I like the episode when Jimmy has a boner.
i like the sp episode when they arer addicted to world of warcraft (a pc game):P
I've got pretty much all the episodes availible on the net.­ There are so much cool scenes i can't make up which i like best.­
beavis and butthead is a real life soap u stupid!!!! it isnt a cartoon:p:P:P:P
Uitspraak van [023] PimRitsel op woensdag 14 maart 2007 om 17:30:
i can't make up which i like best.­

the one with the hippy jam festival in southpark.
i have all seasons too.
one of the best shows ever:P