[Hardcore/Terror] Dr. Eppo - Eddy (diss)

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Hey all,
Here is my story :P
Some guy I know, his name is Pieter, but he looks like Eddy of the Ed, Edd 'n Eddy cartoon.
Well.. me and some friends made vocals with 'Eddy is gay' and 'Pieter is homo' and everytime we played it he got very mad :P
that friends asked me to make a kool track of it :P

(NOTE: it isn't bullying, pieter is 10 years older than us and he leads the sail club where we sail)

i didn't work long on the track, in total only like 5-6 hours :P so don't expect too much of it :)

well here it is :P you're the first ones to hear it haha, it's fresh from fruity loops (finished 10 minutes ago)

Dr.­ Eppo - Eddy (diss)

Tell me what you think about it ;)
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aa thats the shit i hearth ahaha (Y) good one mate
but it doenst works with me
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waha spreek ik met pieter? nee :D