Piraten muziek (fransbauer) and shit...

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I started a track some time ago. Still busy with it.
And this track is a diss track.

A diss to the most horrible style of music. The music played on the worst radio station over here called Radio NL.

I say: KUT Muziek! Ongeinspireerde BAGGER!!

I could get a preview here... curious what you guys think of it;)
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Piraten muziek (fransbauer) and shit...­

hey, the flock is English, please keep that in mind ;)

Well post some preview, we'll see :)
Ok here it is...

diss track

It is recorded way to loud so if you are using winamp you should turn the gain way down in the EQ to get it like it should sound.Sorry for that:P

New additions to the track will be some more dutch shit music in the track like heb je even voor mij and vanavond heb ik hoofdpijn etc etc... also some more funny samples
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Sounds good, but it's a little too slow for that kick ;)
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KUT muziek(Y)