How late did you wake up?

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Me at 07:24
7:46 (too late!! :S)
10 am
aaaa i can sleep out now hahaha
12,30 i thoughtw ehehe im going to suffer pain now :P my bandage has to be cleaned :O
Uitspraak van Wils op zaterdag 3 februari 2007 om 16:18:
my bandage has to be cleaned

that sucks badly!
chek my album :P i took some pics
a quarter past nine
10.30 :gaap: :D:P lekkaahh puuh :P
mmmh depends ... when I came back home from party on sunday I can wake up also at 18.00 eheeh :$ during the week ... 10.00 :-)
7.­30 always
half 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

went to bed yesterday 17:30
so i slept for 16 hours
i dont like sleeping
to f*­king early
13:15 :lol: just a lazy weekend day :P
5:00 !!!!! I had to work :s
laatste aanpassing
today my alarmclock did his thing at 7:00 AM.­

Luckily i feel completely empty from last saturday/sunday.­
(f*­cking newspapers)