Lyrics - Somewhere In The Middle

Flockonderwerp · 34278
Somewhere In The Middle

One two, one two
And as the years pass by
And the birds fly
And the world keeps asking why
And if I look..­ What do I see?
What can I see and what can’t I see?
This is, Audio Bullys 2002
In the summertime
In the wintertime..­ always
Forever this one rest in peace
Falls rest in peace
GFS, BSE, walk on the deads..­ always
Mad Frank, just talkin’ a little bit
Oh I’ve uh..­ gotta cover things I wanna say
This is music, now we’re gonna keep doing this for..­
Ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever
Cuz we’ve got to..­ make things better, not worse
So let it out..­ free out the curse
This is the, Audio Audio Audio Audio Audio Audio, Bullys
And to all your pricks..­ fuck yourselves
You know who you are
Remember we’re here and we’re gonna stay, yeah?
Time goes on and days go on
And we just keep rollin’..­ Building and trying..­
To get to a better place
Let’s Let’s Let’s Let’s walk with the sounds

Aah, release..­
Release to the head, when I get out of bed..­
Or when I go to bed..­
Sometimes there’s no release, sometimes there’s so much
But that’s the nature of the game
And that’s the nature of the sun and the rain
And changing seasons
Too many reasons and too little things
It’s somewhere in the middle