Lyrics - Fresh/Inland Knights

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Fresh/Inland Knights Ė Audio Bullys

Ohw yes
Only to get distress
Itís the Audio Bullys in the pub clans
What Iím gonna patch right Paranoia to destroy ya
Pull the employer, Frank need to know ya
Make your move

Ohw yes, itís house music hits your brain
Frank need you feeliní the pain
Ohw what
Tuh - Tuh, Can you feel the beat?
Can you feel the beat? Letís feel the beat!
Oooohwww, Letís feel the beat
Can you feel the beat?
Letís, Letís, Letís..≠

As we get need
Cause we get dark
Cause we get dirty
Huh, House music!
House music
Otherwise I might lose it
One two, one two
From the edge to the brain
To the wall, take of the ankor
Of the whole damn world
Now we walking away from the hurt
I was born on the third of the third
Pitchers are note exploding
Big spiffs are ?? choking
what the fuck Iím always smoking
I like my border hoping

From lad to lad
Man to man
Kid to grand
Sit to stand
Whatís the plan?
Iím the regrander
So whatís it gonna be man
And who you gonna see Dan?
Cuz itís six way to pay
Thereís one way to play
And itís my turn to say
Every dogg gets their dough
As we get with the flow
Pump it up
Get ready
Now weíre walking away from the herb one two
As we get with the flow
Pump it up
Get ready
Now weíre walking away with the proof
What youíre gonna do?
Audio Bullys 2002
In the ven-ven venue
Out to all the ladies
Out to all the guys
No discize
Itís the hawk and the sign - what
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