Artists @ Speedcore Worldwide Flock

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This is going to be a list of artists who are member of the Speedcore Worldwide Flock.
Post here if you want to be on the list!
If you have an artist page on partyflock, please post your Artist ID, not your Artist name.
If you want to be removed from the list, post it here.

Artist ==­ PF Nickname
Plague == DJ PLAGUE
Smurf == SmurfGGM
Noizefucker == Noizefucker
Gabba Front Berlin == emoticons stole my face
Hellseeker == Luuk B
The Untitled == The Untitled
Paranoizer == Dj Paranoizer
Painetration == Painetration
Psyclown == PSYCLOWN
Screamcore == Screamcore
SL! == [DJ] SL ! - Noize From Hell
Little Terror Man == Little terror man
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officialy i'm a artist now :9

tomorrow first gig in holland who's standing also on pf
and last NYE i played in hamburg
Uitspraak van Screamcore op vrijdag 12 januari 2007 om 00:00:
officialy i'm a artist now

post your artist ID and i'll add you to the list ;)
Congratulations dude(y)
im a artist with paints haha
Added to the list
Uitspraak van Screamcore op vrijdag 12 januari 2007 om 00:00:
officialy i'm a artist now

I'm still waiting till the line up comes online of the next edition of "IK BEN JE BITCH NIET"

From then I aslo have an Artist ID here on PF...

April 7th my first big party where i do my magic little trick. But perhaps somewhere half of February i'm booked for a much smaller party at some local youthclub in Zwanenburg (most likely it will be included to the PF agenda aswell, so in that case i'll have my Arist ID even sooner)
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Uitspraak van UNTITLED. op zaterdag 13 januari 2007 om 00:02:
speedrazor nice

was nice to do :) but less people :(
really ?:O haha ;)
Uitspraak van Wils op zondag 14 januari 2007 om 18:54:
really ?

No i'm only joking :$ :P
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Uitspraak van verwijderd op zondag 14 januari 2007 om 18:56:
No i'm only joking

yo little terror man :) post your artist id and i will add you
Uitspraak van Dr. Eppo op zondag 14 januari 2007 om 18:58:
post your artist id
Uitspraak van verwijderd op zondag 14 januari 2007 om 19:05:

littttlllleeee terrorrrr mannnnnnnnn
when you produce any songs but dont spin on parties is it possible to be an artist on pf too ?
artists on PF can be DJ, Producer, Live act and/or Group.­

So when you're a producer then it should be able to have a artistprofile.­
Only problem is that you've to proof to the PF staff that you really are a producer, just like you've to be on a line up of a party to be alble to have an own Artistprofile.­
ow ok bummer hahaha
Sanoicia is up here too (Y)

can i join the party??
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I'll add everyone later this day
Lol i'll do now :P
WDF I can't edit the post!!!!!!!! :S
No fucking way :S