Songs you think everyone should now it

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put the the best tracks here so everyone can enjoy it !

its also easy to make a good cd hea ;)

hardcore darkcore frenchcore terror speedcore you name it !

Headbanger - House Of Death
Hellsystem - Silence
mainframe ft firestone - clash of the titans
Moleculez - Powerplay
drokz - the laugh
and euuh grandpa drokz haha thats a funny one i carry this big stick ..­ TO KEEP THE WOMEN AWAY !
01) Gabba Front Berlin- Lacrima Mosa Est
02) Gabba Front Berlin- Bloodstorm
03) Hellseeker- Forever
04) Hellseeker- Into The Dark

Noizefucker Vs Paranoizer - Icecream
Dashcraft - Dash is comin'
Hellseeker - Guerilla Warfare
Noisekick Vs The Untitled - Your Mother's Feaces
Legionz Ov Hell - A torch for Satan
Moshpit - We Killed Jah
Komprex - Enigma
Komprex - Muori
Komprex - Imbranato
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Primat - bleeding resident !!!!!!!
Paranoizer - Rag 1

Bouncemasters vs The Vizitor - Kicktype 1

Noizefucker - Feelings of hate (666)

Noisekick - Believe in nothiong real
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micropoint live @­ dobermann
a mix

you can find it on


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AngerNoizer &­ Hellseeker -Fuck de titel
owyeah how is minimal like ? describe it :P haha im going to a schranz party but there is minimal too :/
people keep post the best songs here i need a good cd hahaha
people i really need this one !! :)

Hellfish - Ultraviolence

in the beginning you here a terro song with a piano melody which fucking song is that ! download or chek the song please i really ened that one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Project Omeaga - prednison attack
Leeloo - stickem
Plague - decepticon
The untitled - trip of terror
Komprex - Urban skeleton
Justice - Kokane
Na goyah - listen you fuckerz
E-noid - Liquid super d
stormtrooper - nothing i can handle
murphy - godamned games
art of fighters - redemption
s'Aphira - Maicaka
Dr. Eppo ft. Menavodi - 1666.9 WideScream :yes:
3 Steps Ahead - Funny
Quato - Dedicated To Hellcia
The Emperator &­ Chromatic - Atrial Fibrillation
Qualkommando - Schlag 13
Headbanger - I'm in your head
Terrormasta - Unreal

there are a lot of good tracks
yes :jaja: