Happy Nude Year

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Artiest Smurf
Happy New Year to everyone

Thanks to everyone in Holland for making 2006 the best year ever for me !

Things 2 look out for in 2007 from me ....­

- 2 new record labels :
GGM RAW - terror/speedcore
#­1 relesed in February featuring
Smurf, Rigamortis, Mutante, The Teknoist
Smurfcore - Gimmick style terror/speedcore
#­1 in March - Smurf V The Producer - Christina Gets It !

- A hell of a lot more fun

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !
yow glenn we all make sure 2007 will be more crazier !! i will chek the record labels :jaja: and the trax :) see ya (y)
Yea man, you 2 a happy nude year ;)
is nude already :lol:
and you ? whaha :9 :x
:x damn ;)
i think o:) that says enough :devil:
whehe me to :P
nude nude nude yeaaaaaaaaaah hell yeaaaaah :devil: hahaha
and i am still but naked :lol