Do you smoke?

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Do you smoke? And why do you/don't you smoke?
Uitspraak van [023] PimRitsel op zaterdag 30 december 2006 om 19:34:
but to compensate that i do other things that are bad for my health instead...­

hmmm in that case, im gonna die soon...:P
no i almost never use hardrugs, except one time a year on vacation
cigarettes and weed
no hardrugs indeed
jep a mather of fact im going to take one now :)
Only cigarettes :jaja:;)
alot of hasj today :smoke:
Never smoked, never used drugs :no:
I'm such a good girl O:) haha ;)
I smoke cigarettes, I quit smoking about 10 days ago. But that doesn't work, next time i'm gonna use some nicotine chewing gum:D
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Uitspraak van Sir Vincent op dinsdag 30 januari 2007 om 21:53:
use some nicotine chewing gum

succes i heard it doesnt works you must have the will to quit ( just the sam with drug )
smoke a lot ;)
yes i smoke weed and sigarettes!
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I quit about 8 months ago, haven't touched a sigaret ever since :D
Addicted to Cigarettes and Energy Drink :P
Uitspraak van KREKELTJE...Vatos-Locos-4-ever º¹º op zaterdag 30 december 2006 om 13:30:
no sigarets yes weed :jaja:

i stopped smoking now for 12 days, but i do smoke marijuana too.. but thats considered as 'blowing' not smoking.. (u smoke it for the marijuana after al :P)
shag, and very few times weed;)
lol so you are also calling me a happie eh? :P
Uitspraak van Secabre op woensdag 7 februari 2007 om 17:18:
lol so you are also calling me a happie eh?

lol no, he posted that in an other topic ;) pogo is for hippies, but weed is more hippie-style :P
EppoRick [Dr.­ Eppo] citeer 6 februari 2007 22:39
Uitspraak van 'MukkeS` Ærox R~;) op dinsdag 6 februari 2007 om 22:33:
pogo is for the hippy's

Uitspraak van 'MukkeS` Ærox R~;) op dinsdag 6 februari 2007 om 22:28:

weed is for hippies

Ok 1-0 :D
I smoke cigarettes, no drugs!
yes :jaja:

but no drugs
and drunk......:bier:
Smoke shag, cigarettes (wel sometimes :P) and hasj :)
I don't drink in the weekends only at birthdays and Wâldrock... But I like a cigaret accasionally and weed to :) And I love to eat it aswell :P Space Cake, Space Brownies, Space Truffels You name it I'll eat it :P haha
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:yes: i smoke bycause i like it :smoke:
ik rook aleen shag en verder niet ik hou niet van weed
yes i do :) and i love it (l) and i love it the most after sex
I smoke cigarettes and shag!

NO DRUGS!!! other people can do it if they like but not for me!