Which labels makes you jump out of youre sneakers ?

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put the labels right here of who you think they could be making everybody insaine ! doesn't mather which kind of music as long if it is in the underground dance movement
but everyone gots his opinion
meta4 records >> meta0 (sublabel)
enzyme records(!!)
terror noize industry
canadian speedcore resistance
pendeho records
enzyme ofcourse :)

underground forces of dutch

dont now if it excists because i never heard of it :S but i have a song with that label ?? :P
psyko factory

some of the terror releases at morphcore too

paranoizer 2hard etc
all underground
Coolman Records (048!!!)
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Eppo Records :)
Brain Distortion
Uitspraak van Tim Sipkes op vrijdag 2 februari 2007 om 00:29:
I would choose ANC


I like csr...I don't consider iit commercial and for exemple here we have to thank csr or djs as noisekick if some people here know speedcore ....

scum records :k
the vinyl suffering death and boogie woo
The-Jump-Out-Of-My-Sneakers-Records :)
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smack records is back on track B) :P
Special forces rule!! and also i bought SUP007 (sacred forces) there are a couple of wicked tracks on there (Annabollen my fave);­ so Special Forces and Sacred forces make me jump out of my sneakers!!
you have got to be fuckin jokin mate!! hahahahaha!!
haha he 's not :p and i dont like it to but tastes are different !
Totschlag Records
Cunt Records
Kopfkrank Records
Cerebral Destruction
Special Forces
Terrornoize Industry
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dont have sneakers i have nike air:D

but if i had sneakers it should have been
smack records is jumping out of it,s traffic limits with 6 GB :P :D
haha :P
Hardcore is what i listen most of the time, that's why i don't know much of the terror labels out there.­
I do love the happy terror sounds of S.­R.­B on the This is terror-label a lot.­
Really love to end my set with a numbers of him.­
Uitspraak van [023] PimRitsel op donderdag 7 juni 2007 om 22:03:
Hardcore is what i listen most of the time

Hardcore is okay but but mainstream hc sounds like nothing.
i only like industrial hardcore
Uitspraak van Wils op vrijdag 22 juni 2007 om 22:17:
i only like industrial hardcore

Favoriete muziekgenres: darkcore, early hardcore, industrial hardcore, oldschool

haha i mean from Hardcore styles from now a day :)