Who is going to 'Ik ben je bitch niet - goes xxxl' the 23rd of December 2006

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Link: Ik ben je bitch niet

I'm going, pretty sure it's going to be a nice party :)
Bought the tickets for me and friends already, just bought the last tickets.
It's sold out now ;) Only VIP tickets are still avaible.

Soooo... who is going?
i want to go but i don't have much money so i will skip this party:P
But the 26th of december Jingle Banging bells:D:P
I will go ;) i got VIP tickets :D but I miss Dj Plague in the line up :( :P
Uitspraak van Borriee op donderdag 14 december 2006 om 20:29:
but I miss Dj Plague in the line up

yeah, true:(
Nobody else?
Uitspraak van UNTITLED. op zondag 17 december 2006 om 21:03:
Nooooooooooo man, you have to go Beter Kom Je Niet!

Noooooooooooooooo man ;)
Was a nice party:D
it certainly was a great party..

speeeeedcoorreeee :D:D
Uitspraak van Rebelicious :flower: op zondag 24 december 2006 om 18:11:

:rot: Noisekick @ the end was just f*cking awesome lol ;)
:respect: That Whas A F*cking Great Party :jaja:

Noisekick & The Vizitor...RESPECT :respect: