Gas met die zooi!!! :jaja:

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Hier maar es een mixje plaatsen:bounce:
GAS MET DIE ZOOI 29/11/2006
Filesize: 92MB
amount of tracks 30
mixlength: 80mins.
Bitrate: 160 Kbps



Razor Edge--- Unsolved Mystery DNA 27
Placid K--- Paying Attention COL 20
Manga Corps--- The Hunter [Armageddon Project RMX]ISL 12
The Mover & Rave Creator--- Atmosfear LOST 7
Fly by Wire--- Alkaline 3DH ROTSP 4
Shadowbreath--- Angry MOK 103
Homer--- Hard Back AEON 042
Denekamps Gespuis--- Gas met die zooi
DJ Mad Dog--- Kick That Shit TRAX 062
Project Omeaga--- Prednison Attack ENZ 09
DJ E-Rick--- Dance [RMX part2] VIP 003
Nitrogenetics--- Challenge Me HM2752
Tommyknocker--- Twist TRAX 060
“ “ & Art Of Fighters--- Follow Me TRAX 064
Tha Playah--- Fuck the Titties[Tommyknocker & Viper RMX]NEO??
Jimmy Hooligan--- All B Blackz R909-15
The Speedfreak--- Day Of Anger MOK104
Buzz Fuzz--- Kickz of Steel BRZK 02
Noize Suppressor ft.Instigator--- Take ControlNR 003
Dione--- Paranoia MRV 087
Slavefriese--- As Loud as Possible [E-noid RMX]DNA 021Y
3 Steps Ahead--- Drop It [an ode 2 P.P.P Vree$tyle RMX]
Day-mar--- Embrace The Night MOH055
Negative-A--- Adrenochroom DNA 016
Dispairful Tomorrow & Xenophex--- Viral Mind MOK108
Razor Edge--- These Scars of Mine Pendeho009a
Destrukiv Kultur--- Crushed [1000 hours in 20 minutes MOK 110
Razor Edge--- Death Row Pendeho009a
Chosen Few--- In da Air MOK111
Dj Skinhead--- War Again ISR 058

Feedback altijd welkom:)

dat ziet er wel redelijk up-tempo uit..O:) :cheer:
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