UFO crashes in Krasnoyarsk

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08:02 GMT, Dec 01, 2006

UFO crashes in Krasnoyarsk
KRASNOYARSK. Dec 1 (Interfax) - An unidentified flying object has
reportedly crashed between the towns of Yeniseisk and Lesosibirsk in the
Yenisei district of the Krasnoyarsk territory.
Local residents say they observed the crash at about 10 a.m. local
time, adding that they also saw traces of fire in the taiga, the main
department of interior affairs of the territory told Interfax.
"An investigative group of the department of interior affairs of
the Krasnoyarsk territory and representatives of the transport
prosecutor's office and Rosavianadzor were sent to the scene of the
crash," the department said.
The Siberian regional center of the Russian Emergency Situations
Ministry told Interfax it cannot confirm the crash. A Mil Mi-8
helicopter flew over the scene and no traces of any crash were detected,
it said.