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Artiest Toyax
Lijkt me zeker een goed plan even een flock te openenn met de beste trance tracklisten tussen 1997 en 2006 hier neer te zetten.

Ik heb zelf ook nog een aantal tracklisten van mijn sets hieronder:

Toyax live @ Wheaton Studios Every Friday between 22.00 en 23.00

playlist 01 Januar 2002

1.Tyrell Corp. - Running 2.0 (Remix) (Abfahrt Records)
2.Kaycee - Escape (Additive)
3.Andy Jay Powell Meets Robert Kline - Like A Dream (Audioplast)
4.Sa Trincha - Spacy Beach ( C.M remix) (Bengal)
5.Allure - We Ran At Dawn (Black Hole Recordings)
6.Badlands - Body & Soul (Axwax Records)
7.Matanka - Lost In A Dream ( Push remix) (2002) (Audioplast)
8.DJ Garry - Dream Universe (33- 45- Records)
9.Tantra - I Want Ur Love (Acid Test)
10.Blackmaster, The - Time Never Stops! (Bonzai Germany)
11.Marino Massimo - Always On My Mind (Bonzai Trance Germany)
12.Kai Tracid - Skywalker E.P. (Suck Me Plasma)
13V.O.O.D.I. Traxx This Is What I Want (7:07) (Universal Prime Breaks)
14.C.M. - Dream Universe (The Remixes) (Rhythm And Groove Records)
15.Calling The Freak / Liquid Overdose - Wild Life ( Scanner)

Playlist Februar 02

1.Klubbingman - Dreaming For A Better World (Session Group Records)
2.DJ M.S. - So Good / On Fire (Solid Beats)
3.Y.O.M.C. - Analog Feeling (Space Traxx)
4.Devon - Contact (Space Traxx)
5.Sean Dexter vs. De La Ray - The Voyage (Mindworx Records)
6.Transa - Prophase (X-Cabs Remixes) (Hook Recordings)
7.Discodroids - Interspace (Initial)
8.Lissat & Brain - Dream (Virgin Records (UK))
9.Storm - We Love (Zeitgeist)
10.Calderone - Flash In The Night (ZYX Music)
11.Planet Fuse - 3 - Devotion (Fuse)
12.Kaycee - Millennium Stringz (Go For It)
13.Robotronic Squad - World Outside (Trance Chip)
14.Parker & Clind - Teleportation (Tripomatic)
15.Peter Fly - Oriental Dream (Fly Records)

Playlist Maart 03

1.DJ Jo - Space Harmony '98 (Fog Area)
2.Frank Künne & DJ Cosmo - Waterworld 99 (Time Unlimited)
3.Double Force - Fantasy (Wash)
4.Parker & Clind - Generator (XTC Germany)
5.Orbital Velocity & Marc Lindberg - Last Voyage 2001 (Zeitsprung Schallplatten)
6.T.L. Project - Hypnotic Trance (Mackenzie's Music Mondo)
7.Hand's Burn - Everybody (Mackenzie's Music Mondo)
8.Pink Emotion, The - Metallicom (Mackenzie's Music Mondo)
9.Visions Of Yawa - Tibet (Harem Records)
10.Meo Lorenzo - New Generation (Heaven Beats Rec.)
11.La Voix - The Sunrise ( Marino stephano remix)(Dos Or Die Recordings)
12.Upserver - Mood Swings (EDM Trance)
13.Miss Shiva - My Secrets (Epidrome)
14.E.V.O. - The Sound Of The Drums (Remixes) (Cool Driver)
15.Gary D. - Die Herdplatte 2000° (DJs Present)

Playlist April 04

1.M-Traxx - Summerlove (DMD)
2.House Pimps - Get The Hook ( marino stephano remix) (Doma)
3.Terry Bones - Getaway (Nukleuz)
4.Oliver Lieb - Lightspeed (Orbit Records)
5.Lava - Autumn (Nukleuz)
6.Martin Eyerer - Heaven (Unsubmissive Records)
7.B.B.E. - Desire (Promo) (Urban)
8.RMB - Horizon (Vinyl Three) (Various Silver Recordings, Zeitgeist)
9.DJ Hitch Hiker - Inside My Soul (Velvet Vibe Recordings)
10.Jericho - Way Of Love (Camouflage)
11.Green Court - Moonflight (Club Guerilla)
12.Exon E.S.C. - No Way Out (Club Tools)
13.D.M.E. - The Moon Fell Down To Earth (Harem Records)
14.Virtual Zone - Change U Mind (Heaven Beats Rec.)
15.Fortunato Fernando - Your Mind Of Child Hods (Heaven Beats Rec.)

Playlist Mei 05

1.Pink Emotion, The - Techno Rhapsody (Heaven Beats Rec.)
2.Baghera - Tears May Fall (Harem Trance)
3.Casseopaya - Musicmaker 2000 (Fog Area)
4.Hand's Burn - Vision Of Life (Fog Area Trance)
5.Universal Dream - Heaven (Friendship Records)
6.DJ Oliver De Soto - Fellow Americans (Trance Chip)
7.Dolt Dish - This Round Up! (Camouflage)
8.Rubicon Massacre Ltd. - Hello Little Jam (Overdose)
9.Arrow - Back In The House (Overdose)
10.Phase IV - The Sign Of Your Coming (Peanuts Records)
11.Next Exit - Rise Of Nations (Planet Traxx)
12.Megamind - Sturm Und Drang (Nukleuz)
13.Pablo Gargano - Holding You Tight (Vision Soundcarriers)
14.Cyberstorm - Our Energy ( dumonde Remix) (Wash)
15.Dogma - Dimension (Harem Records)

Playlist Juni 06

1.Third Bass - Chain Reaction (Heaven Beats Rec.)
2.Lustral - Everytime (Hooj Choons)
3.Virtual Zone - Liquid Drums (Heaven Beats Rec.)
4.Nostrum - Brainchild '97 (Time Unlimited)
5.Kenji Ogura - Cyber Tech (Tracid Traxxx)
6.Composure - Universal Action (Universal Prime Breaks)
7.DJ Ed - The Bug Day (Upbeat Records)
8.Future Breeze - Another Day (Gate Remix) (Promo) (Urban)
9.Plastix - Attack (Upbeat Records)
10.DJ Hitch Hiker - Twilight Zone (Velvet Vibe Recordings
11.Tekkie - Lost in Space (Blutonium Records)
12.Fun-Tastic - Inside Your Soul (Bonzai Germany)
13.Endymion (2) - Running (Mindworx Records)
14.Sash! - Adelante ( dumonde mix) (Multiply Records)
15.Toyax vs Rave Tom - The missions of rave

playlist Julli 07

1.L.T.A. - Strings Of Love ( marino stephano mix) (Nerve Records GmbH)
2.Mike Scandle - Dream Vol. II (Mindworx Records)
3.Energy Source - 5 AM (XTC)
4.Overtone - Mental Movement (XTC Germany)
5.Three Concept - Feel Now (Mackenzie's Music Mondo)
6.C.M. - Love Vibration (Mackenzie Records)
7.Humate - Love Stimulation (The Remixes) (MFS)
8.Groovezone - Eisbaer (Remixes) (Mindstar)
9.Los Pablos - Jason's Watching (Fog Area)
10.Meo Lorenzo - Dream's Road (Fog Area Trance)
11.A-C-E - Stairway To Heaven (Friendship Records)
12.Dolphin's Mind - Into The Blue (Dance Division)
13.Phil Green - The Trance EP (Difuse)
14.Sunbeam - Lost In Music (Urban Tracks)
15.Wavegenerator - Mental (Upbeat Records)

Playlist Augustus 08

1.Ayla - Liebe (Unsubmissive Records)
2.DeSoto - Rainman ( c.m remix) (Various Silver Recordings)
3.Lac Terra - Paradise Connection (Refreshed Records)
4.Zodiac - Change (Rhythm And Groove Records)
5.Panama - Slave (Red Alert)
6.Nostrum - EP 1 (Time Unlimited)
7.Emperor - Vol. 5 (Trance Chip)
8.Alien Factory - Scraper (Time Unlimited)
9.Terry Bones - Dreaming (Global Beat Recordings)
10.Gate, The - Transfer EP (Go For It)
11.Marino Stephano - Power Trax (Fog Area Trance)
12.Framic meets Dopey Clay - Passions Of Harmony (Trance Chip)
13.Odessa (3) - Explorer (Tripomatic)
14.Electric Nature - The Electric Nature (The Remixes) (Ultra-x Records)
15.Megamind - Taub? (Underground (Italy))

Playlist September 09

1.Stephen Parker - D-Mention (Bonzai Trance Germany)
2.Andy Jay Powell Meets Robert Kline - Like A Dream (BXR)
3.Discodroids - Interspace ( c.m remix) (Initial)
4.La Bush Team - Flanger (La Bush Records)
5.Phase IV - Remember How It Started (Peanuts Records)
6.Nostrum - The End (Remixes) (Time Unlimited)
7.DJ Marcelo - Sensoria (Circles)
8.Planet Fuse - Silent Wishes (Dance Pollution)
9.M-Traxx - Intelligence (DMD)
10.DJ Kalpa & Marino Stephano - Dream's Harmony (Dos Or Die Recordings)
11.DJ Spoke vs. Vespa 63 - Acid Rain (Harem Records)
12.Sonic Illusion - Scream (Heaven Beats Rec.)
13.Omnicron - The Elements (Mindworx Records)
14.Marc Scoozy - Überschall (No Respect Records)
15.Nostrum - Chicc! EP (Noom Records)

Playlist 10 Oktober a special liveset
Fog area special

1.Etienne Picard - Noche Diva (Fog Area)
2.Copiloten - From now on (Fog Area)
3.Casseopaya - Overdose ( C.m remix (Fog Area)
4.DJ Philip - Too Deep (Fog Area Limited)
5.C.M. - Sensation (Fog Area Trance)
6.Marino Stephano - Vision Control (Fog Area Trance)
7.Third Bass - System (Fog Area Trance)
8.Marino Stephano - Classic EP (Fog Area Trance)
9.Hand's Burn - good shot (Fog Area Trance)
10.Jupiter - Jupiter (Fog Area Trance)
11.Jose Amnesia - Last Sunset In Ibiza (Fog Area Trance)
12.C.M. - Classic EP - Dream Universe (Fog Area Trance)
13.Angel Beats - Brightness (Fog Area)
14.Pit Bailay vs. DJ Llördy - Solarfire (Fog Area)
15.Total Recall - What You Want (Fog Area)
Artiest Len-E
tiesto @­ innercity 2003 (brasil edition) iemand???????
DJ Tiësto Live @­ Innercity Amsterdam Rai: December 20, 2003

01.­ Mojado feat Mr Sam - El Toro
02.­ Tiësto - ID
03.­ Re:Locate - Waterfall
04.­ DJ Tiësto - Nyana
05.­ Michel de Hey vs.­ Secret Cinema - Another Sweater
06.­ Mike Robbins - Are You A Freak (Original Mix)
07.­ Airbase vs.­ DJ Stigma - Hunting 2004
08.­ Ton TB - Dream Machine
09.­ Mark Norman - Phantom Manor
10.­ Hertz - Recreate (Montana Remix)
11.­ Relic - Cue Burner (Offbeat Rework)
12.­ Benny Benassi pres.­ The Biz - Love Is Gonna Save Us
13.­ Marcel Woods - Time's Running Out (Original Mix)