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Deze gebruiker is al geruime tijd niet meer langsgeweest en staat derhalve op non-actief.
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testing 1,2,3 in the place to be he is my dj and im the mc check it

un embraso grande de tu cuñada y amiga para siempre
(K)(K)(K) besitos(K)(K)(K)
lool gui your birthday will come soon aswell;) hahaha (K)
dankjeeeeeeeeee!!! (k)(k) :d
:o BUKKEN !!!!! oepsssssssssssssssss 8)

­[img width=29 height=20][/img]­

| | / / /
// ///
######### ///
### ### //
-- ## ## --
-- ## squish!! ## --
-- ## # # --
// ### ###
/// ########
/// //
// / | |
/ |

~Je bent net geraakt door een PF waterballon !!! ~ ­[img width=28 height=20][/img]­

Dit is het begin ....
van de waterballonen wedstrijd 2007
De enige regel in deze wedstrijd is. . . .
Je mag niet gooien naar die gene, die jou heeft geraakt !!!

Stuur deze waterballon naar al je vrienden
Voor dat je zelf weer wordt geraakt ;)

Ik raakte je eerst, dus naar mij mag je niet gooien !!

Nâh Nâh Nâh Nâh Nâh ­[img width=41 height=40][/img]­
Hey Guille! G'day :roflol:
Quote of Guill-E on Sunday 2 September 2007 at 22:57:
im fine as well thanx, and ofcourse im keeping the good music up as usual! u not on sl anymore?

Good to hear that! :lol: I'm still in SL altho I dont log in al as much as I used to :P

Greetz en bye byee
yes i know guille but i dont have time anymore for mixing, i have it busy but i wish you succes with your mixing at sl bye bye see you
hey guille iam back and i mix a few time for the people not much but now en then ,long time sinds i see you at sl greetings
BoooH ur still alive too?

what do I hear.. u both are going to make good music in there?! Tell me time n place and Ill be there too!

Bye Bye Guille and take care :')
yes guille tomorrow we gonna give a big mix on mdma lets rock that motherfucker!!!!!!!!!
whyyyy so late!! damn mof*­ckrs lolol I have to work sunday morning!!!

But im going to try! dont want to miss it! xxx
thanks guille for puting me on to the favotits en thanks for supporting me!!! verry cool
­[img width=447 height=494][/img]

happy cristmasdays (k) (k) (k) carootjuh

i'm having a BLAST with U op SL w00t woot!!!

­[img width=467 height=548][/img]
wakie wakieeee guilleeee!!!! hows your mood today?? hope its better then before :lol: see you laterzzzzzzzz

Quote of dj D-darkness on Saturday 1 December 2007 at 01:01:

favoTITS :roflol: Hey mister DJ put ur BABBLER on gekske :P

HII Guille How's life on the other side of the planet?!
last change
On this side its atm very dark and cold ;P Life is good!!

Good to hear ur doing alright! :bye:
Aaawe I bet nobody can hide from the Flu!

I wish you to feel better soon!

last change
nice demo's you sent guille ......­really good men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
last change
hey bastard..... friday i will give youre demo to another party-organisation....... so that are 2 till now... you hear it from me little pig!!!!! bye bye:P
­[img width=216 height=328][/img]

Happy Birthday!!

­[img width=75 height=50][/img]
last change
thank u all so much!!! :d xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx really thanx so much! and in a few hours party in rotterdammmmmmmmmmm
Oooww what a nice free text i see above your guestbook, who made that for you then mr Guille O:)
UHmmm let me think..... i think it was a dutch lovely girl :D !
Quote of Guill-E on Monday 31 March 2008 at 21:14:
Me@­Nightmare at Rotterdam 22/03/08 warming up the party!

Nice Dude....:D:D keep up
last change
i say also ...nice dude!!!!!!!!!!! i playing at small party's and you on a 1st time big party!!!!!!!!!!!!! good work !!!!!:P:P:P:P:P:P:P
last change
yes dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!........­2 records...­but on a big party!!!!!!!! thats the shit!!!!!!! good job!!!!!....­ jou must come and spinn with me!!!! that organisation must book you!!!!!!!!!!
last change
ahhhh vs ....thats nice!!!!!!!!!!! i look also to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....hope that's comming!!!!!!!!!! you are a good dj:D
last change
Quote of dj D-darkness on Monday 31 March 2008 at 23:41:
ahhhh vs ....­thats nice!!!!!!!!!!! i look also to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....­hope that's comming!!!!!!!!!! you are a good dj

he's the best B) B) lalalalaaaa so... become soon a hardcore dj with VIP free tickets 4 me :cheer:
hahahahahahahahaha lol .....­vip tickets....­thats great!!!!!!!!!!!
lol , give me some time and ill try my best :D free tickets for everyone lol
Quote of Guill-E on Tuesday 1 April 2008 at 17:01:
free tickets for everyone lol

that's fucking real great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P:P:P:P
lol , yeah sure :D just give me some times , see if i can get famous wich i doubt it haha
Quote of Guill-E on Tuesday 29 April 2008 at 19:49:
yeahhh , cant wait anymore lol , i will do my best to get the people dancing , jumpig , screaming..­!

That's the spirit i want :banana: !!! :bier:
Hey you!

Yes yes im still alive hihi
Just a little busy!
I'm great! Couldnt be better actually XD
How are you doing over there in sunny Barcelona?
Is that true..­ you really gonna spin the wheels here in Holland?
I wanna see that! Let me know okey?

Was good to hear from you!! Talk to you later xXx
Hej man how are you :)
Nice nice :D
Yeah im fine :D ;)
Why arent you that much on msn anymore?
Later mate
Haha ok mate, yeah hehe good idea :P
I really want to hear some of your work yeah!
What you did last night, was really fucking great! :respect:
Keep up the good work mate! :bier:
no lo se!!..
ahora estoy de vacaciones..pero me voy a quedar en el isla :yes:
aqui todo bien..como siempre :P
waauww..te vas a holanda..que bueno..:D
me voy contigo :P

hey guille thanks for the compliment!!!!! how things going??
i see you have another party were you gonna spinn..­
great dude!!!!!
bye bye
good luck at the 22....­kick there ass!!!!!!!!!!!! see you
­[img width=500 height=350][/img]

Happy B-day 2 you!!!!! Congrats with your 27th B-day today Guille
You Make it a Good One!!!

Quote of Guill-E on Tuesday 28 April 2009 at 02:11:
happy bday m8! keep the good mixing up! h4l!

Thanks m8 :D (Y)

Vale, tu tiene la razon.
Yo escuche que tu eres buen DJ :D
Yo no puedo hablar espanol, pero mi cunada esta aqui y me esta diciendo como escribir.
last change
Haha Thanks, yeah i heard u are a very good DJ, Pariah told me. He can't be wrong.
Let me know when ur in Holland again to spin some, i will come and see :D

Happy bday m8:D


Zet als wilt de 12 juni I LOVE VET Le Paris in je agenda (en win 2x2 entree kaarten) en maak kans dat JIJ VIP bent op de Dance Parade 360 Rotterdam (nieuw concept op Passion4Charity Le paris wagen.

Wees er snel bij, want er kunnen maar 30 man op de wagen.

Gr Passion


12 juni I LOVE VET parade wagen Dance Parade 360 Rotterdam: Line-up

DJ Diva La-Ona vs vocalist Johnny Kelvin
Ziggy Stardust
The Ousiders
Melvin Warning

After party Le paris:
The Outsiders
Ziggy Stardust
The PartyCrushers (Black & White)
DJ Talent (winnaar dj actie)

Gr Passion


Bedankt voor de steun aan Passion4Charity en Thanks namens Club Le Paris

Geeft dit mailtje door aan al je vrienden en vriendinnen...

GEZOCHT 2 PROMOTORS DEN HAAG???altijd gratis events: en ja altijd als VIP op de parade wagen
eey it works again! haaaaa, hiya! (k)