photo Hatred
NameNico Van Der Linden & Nils Henschel
FunctionDJ, group
Member of groupProvenHate
Genresuptempo hardcore
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Party agenda Hatred
Terror Machine Records · 3 YearsBogen 2Keulen
Brainrape, Dedicator, Doctor Terror, Effection, Emphaser, Hatred, M1dlet, Noize-Maker, Percy, Sodiak, TerrorClown, TerrorMasta
Footworxx · 16 YearsLa Fabrik - HerstalLuik
Abaddon, Blaster, Bombinate, Chok Dee, Cryogenic, Dither, DJIPE, DRS, EddyHardcore, F. NøIzE, Footworxx Militant Crew, Goetia, Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, Hardbouncer, Hatred, MBK, Miss K8, NSD, Sei2ure, Soldiers of Core, and 3 other artists → (not yet complete)
Uptempo Madness · Dawn Of A New EraDocksHamburg
Angerkill, Garra, Hatred, Insanity, Kurwastyle Project, Unproven, Viciouz, Znipe (not yet complete)
Try Before You DieTime OutGemert
Act of Rage, Affix, Angelic, Bazzy, Cryogenic, Crypton, D-Fence, D-Master, D-Sturb, D-Termination, Delete, DRS, Estasia, Footworxx Militant Crew, Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, Hardbouncer, Hatred, Hijacker, Jason Payne, La Casa de Hardcore, and 16 other artists →
Phase.1 · A New EraPKHSTilburg
Activate, Barber, Basspunkz, Cryogenic, Dimitri K., Frequalizer, Hatred, Major Conspiracy, Rizer, Spitnoise, ToXic Inside, Trespassed, Vato
Pandemonium · 15 Year Anniversary 3 Sporthallen ZuidAmsterdam
Angernoizer, Anhatema, AniMe, Art of Fighters, Bike, BillX, Bit Reactors, Bonehead, Cardiak, Catscan, Cek, Chaotic Hostility, Chosen Few, Da Mouth of Madness, Dana, Dano, Darkraver, Deterrent Man, Dissoactive, Doctor Terror, and 53 other artists →
Brutality · The Hardest NYETime OutGemert
Andy The Core, Anhatema, Bulletproof, D-Fence, Deadly Guns, Destructive Tendencies, Estasia, Evil Activities, F. NøIzE, Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz, Hardbouncer, Hatred, Iniga, Korsakoff, Lady Dammage, Never Surrender, Noisekick, NSD, Partyraiser, Plague, and 8 other artists →
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Kurwastyle project